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E3 Wishlist/predictions

Marzipan Travolta

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What stuff do people really want to see coming out of the show? I'll get the obvious ones out of the way:

Shenmue III

new Mario Gamecube title

Advance Wars DS

I think the first thing I'll be looking out for is some PSP RPG goodness. I really don't know a whole lot about the devices forthcoming attractions.

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Zelda in playable form

Mario (which will probably a Revolutions vid)

Shenmue III (if only)

More on Okami and Shadow of the Colossus

Xbox 360 stuff to blow us away (Ninja Gaiden anyone?)

PS3 stuff to blow us away

Mario Kart DS

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Most of that stuff has already been confirmed. Go crazy!

Project Gotham 3

A new golf game by the Links team (probably for Ubisoft)

Lots of handheld strategy games.

New Mario platform games.

A PROPER showing of the Rev and its pad at the Nintendo press conference.

More Reggie Fils-aime - the man's a walking bag of charisma.

Ten player XBox Live Bomberman - it's been rumoured for over a year.

Anything that'll genuinely surprise me.

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MGS4, it goes without saying. RE5 would be nice, but is unlikely. Silicon Knights' new game would be a pleasant surprise. The information on the next gen consoles, especially the Revolution's big secret.

I'm hoping for some surprises.

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Nintendo press conferance.

their conferance last year was bags of fun :o

Offcourse the Rev.

DS online and lots of new games.

some gamecube killers like zelda and perhaps mario 128.

PS3 and it's true perfomance.


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Everything and I mean everything about the Xbox 360, Perfect Dark Zero, PGR3, original new games announced for the 360, surprises like Banjo 3, maybe a new Bungie game (that isn't Halo), new games from Japanese developers including Treasure, again for the 360 (well it's nice to dream in hope). Mind you any new Treasure game would be fab, and I would also like to see the 360 in high definition.

Zelda, Giest, Okami, Animal Crossing DS, Stubbs the Zombie in playable form, new titles announced for the DS and PSP.

Miyamoto on stage!

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A new decent Sega game.


Phantasy Star Universe.

You ask, Sega answers. There's no way it can possibly be a bad game. Can't wait.

I want it to be announced for the XBox, though. I really don't see myself playing it via the PS2's laughable online network, and I'd prefer not to play it on the PC if it's at all possible.

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Some great new DS games, a fully backwards compatible 360 for a jaw droppingly good price, something ace from Sega, and PS3 to live up to the hype.

A surprise wrapped in a big bow :o

Edit: Oh, and a new Ninja Gaiden would be most welcome, and Perfect Dark Zero to give Rare back their self respect.

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