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Games That Never Made It


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What was the ferrari game that edge had on its cover a while back?

An Acclaim game I think...

Yes that bloody Ferrari F355 game that was meant to be the bollocks. :angry:

Killing Zone was a bit gash but still a good laugh. Just got banned didn't it?

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Lets take black and white for example, was meant to come out for the Dreamcast but disappeared with no reasons. Obviously the DC was dead when it disappeared but still no reason for it going bye bye. And i was looking forward to it too. A quick search also brings up a psone port which even though had lots of previews for it, again disappeared. It looked no where near the pc version (obviously) but would have been nice to sample all the same.


I had the misfortune of playing an early PS1 version of Black and White back when I worked for a puvblisher. it was awful, truly awful. it just didn't suit being on a console at all...

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System Shock 2 for the Dreamcast, this game helped to persuade me to buy a Dreamcast asap (not that i didnt have a million other reasons). It might have been set up as a pc port, but theres something about playing it on a console that would have suited me perfectly. The tense atmosphere, the stunning graphics etc. What a shame, especially as the pc version didnt get the seals it so deserved.

What are you talking about?

Systemshock 2 got a billion game of the year awards and it is to this date amungst the top 3 games in human history (imho)

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