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What To Do......on The Bus/train/plane

citation deducer

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Shout at the top of your voice "L@@K at me! I am teh C00l Importerr !1!! You may touch me"

And then walk of the bus crying when everyone giggles at you, especially the girls.

yes, I'm jealous as I don't have a PSP :P

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Coming back from Japan I had to make a stop-over in Germany. They had a security check before letting me board my next plane and I was taken aside and asked to show my PSP so they could scan it. It then became clear that the "scan" was an excuse for the guard to ask me questions like "So does it play videos too?", "which memory card does it use?" and "can you play the European games on it?". The guard was a closet gamer :P

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plane -> hope his Wi-Fi is turned off...

I used to think that, but JPickford's common sense argument has convinced me otherwise. If it was REALLY a danger to the aircraft, do you think they'd let people on with phones at all? There'd be massive security checks. The plane isn't going to drop out of the air if you're playing Lumines with someone in First Class.

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"As for people watching me when I'm playing something on the bus, I just ignore them. It's not that hard."

If I took a DS or PSP onto a bus around here, it'd probably be stolen by about twenty cheeky little thick-as-pig-shit kids on their way to school or something. They'd be like flies on shit.

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