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kerraig UK

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  • 1 month later...

The latest.....

‘DC Corner’ (17” Flatscreen CRT/Two dcs {JAP/UK – both VGA}/Logitech 2.1 stereo speakers & sub/JAP/US/PAL games other bits.


Retro Consoles, games, & cardboard boxes (RGB modded N64/Super Famicom jr (RGB modded)/Victor wondermega/PAL Saturn (modded)/PSone (modded)/JAP MD/32X (RGB modded)/stepdown


Better view of the consoles


Games & DVDs etc


Gale Floor standers & Sub/Sony Bravia 32” HDTV/Xbox 360/Ps2 (120GB HD)/XBOX (120GB HD)/GC/Upscaler DVD player/NAD cd player/Pioneer amp (100W per channel)


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though i had posted mine in here but i couldnt find it


i know how to upload photos now so here is my stuff, sold quite a chunk recently so there are a few gaps in my bookcases :D


tower of saturn 1

tower of saturn 2


nintendo 1

Nintendo 2

Nintendo 3


Main stuff

more PSone


living room tv

games room tv




upper single display

main display

main bookcase

bookcase 1

bookcase 2

upper bookcase 2

Junk corner


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I've moved house recently (Well, 3 months ago now) and just got an HDTV (Toshiba 32WLT66) so my setup now looks like this :


Still sporting the standard forum issue Ikea cabinet B)

Had to trim down the consoles a bit, so no retro, have to make do with the chipped Xbox and emu's for that.

have the 360, silver slimline PS2, NAD Seperates (DVD, CD and Amp), iPod Nano, NTL Box & Cable Modem, and a wireless router, oh and the trusty Philips VHS :)

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More telly than gaming really. Consoles only ever play a part on a temporary basis to avoid being destroyed by infants

Significant landmarks highlighted


Nice backpack. :blink:

How long did it take to chase all the speaker cables into the wall?

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Right....seeing as I'm moving soon, it's time to share my shame....


The HDTV fund is now set, along with a new TV unit. In my defence the TV cost me £10 from Rat Boy 18 months ago. Xbox stays downstairs just for my Forza save...


The consoles. SNES, MS2, DC, NES, Speccy 48k, Binatone, GBs and GB Colours. N64, HK MD, Arcade Satrun wheel, Boxed MD, some books, and DOnkey Kong bongos...plus a Barcode Battler.


Gamecube and dev-kit PS2 surrounded by crap.


Pitifully small GC and Xbox collection, along with motorcycle DVDs and Halo books. And Ridge Racer.


PS1, Saturn, MS and MD games. Plus some walkie-talkies, a knackered Linksys router and CD racks with some old PC games, PS2 games and other assorted stuff. An empty 360 box, and the back of my old 486 PC.


The most elderly consoles. And a tasteful orange Binatone.


MD and MegaCD2, Saturn (One of about 4 kicking around) and my PS1


N62, HK MD with six button pad (best £15 I ever spent for all-region megadrive games), and at the bottom, a Sonic marble game...

And I think that's the lot for the moment, until I move house/get more cash/pick a HDTV etc... There are more Xbox and 360 games not pictured....

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Nice backpack. :)

How long did it take to chase all the speaker cables into the wall?

That bit was quite easy - hammer & chisel worked really nicely. Took about 5 hours all in including getting the mounting done for the speakers (very clever system on those B&Ws where the metal stand conducts the sound so you don't have an additional wire going into the speaker) and that includes the surrounds although we only chased one of those two as the other is behind a bookstand.

Electric chasers make so much dust you spend more time clearing up. A mate brought round a drill with a non-spin hammer thingy on it (and that special hexagonal mounting I forget the name of) which was just impossible to control (for him at least) and that was no better than a chisel either and a shitload noisier.

and Dora's off on a climbing adventure.

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Its crt and precarious 360 position madness!

Precarious? With how much it weighs? Even a charging rabbit can't move it!......And yes the CRT is rubbish, but for £10 secondhand, I can't complain......and the HDTV fund is ready to be invested at last...along with a new TV unit.....

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