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Thanks matey! The footstool was an eBay special, it took quite a while to find something that even vaguely matched the chairs and I ended up getting 2 of them. They are just a tad too high (although still comfy) and i did think about chopping a little off the legs to lower them a bit. ☺

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8 hours ago, CheekyMonkey said:



The PJ in the top pic is an Optoma 3D one - absolutely cracking picture from PS4 and XBONE. Excuse my son, he just had to be in the picture the little poser. Couple of things left to do here - such as wire up the screen motor control that you see hanging down the left hand side.





Which model is it?

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10 hours ago, CheekyMonkey said:

Additional Japanese whisky selection (if there is one country who can match the Scots for good quality whisky, it's Japan).




I'm available Friday-Sunday should you ever need any help emptying those!



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My office room setup:
PS4 Pro

Asus MG28UQ 28" 4K monitor

Standard Benq 1080 Monitor

Then my PC:
NZXT H440 case
i7 4790k

GTX 1070


I have an Xbox One/Switch in the living room and 4K TV but I do most of my gaming here.
Keep getting tempted by the Xbox One X but there are zero exclusives that I can't just play on my PC such as Forza 7 which is stunning on my PC.


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Gave my games room a good sorting out.




My family have two spare 32 inch tv's I could have replaced my current tv with. I spent today trying to fix one of them but its dead. The other one still works but its older and bulky so I'll have to see how it is tomorrow when I get the stand out of the shed. Either way I'm happy with this set up and am looking forward to getting a set up done in my loft bedroom. Fun times ahead.

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Yes. Didn't the oven and sink give it away?


Monitor on the right is my new 4k LG. That was colour balance pretty much out of the box and I've gotten a much closer match to the Asus since then. Very pleased with it



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