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Post Your Gaming Setups

kerraig UK

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I had this Jpeg hanging around from the Ask the forum folder so I thought i'd put it to good use.

progressive scan and dolby 5.1 are the best thing to happen to gaming since analogue control. i'm still bowled over daily by the graphics and sound put out by this generation. Whether its Chaos Theory's 'wet rocks' or MX vs ATV's 1080i mode. So if you're getting the most out of your gameboxes, post a pic of your setup here. just to show those guys on 14" mono tv's what they're missing.


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Thats just frikking huge.



Sorry nothing like as huge. All consoles shown (DC, PS2, XBOX and PS2) running into a standard 28" Panni with no additional speakers (i have kids, so you can forget loud!)

The PC outputs via a DMX 24/96 into 2 Fostex PM1 monitors behind me, so i can balance music tracks/mixes.

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Ok, the projector is actually just a midrange DLP HP VP6120. You can get em for about £850 if you shop around. Cheaper than a 36" CRT.

The speakers are Aegis 1's

the amp is a Denon 6.1 thingy

Surely there must be people on here with better set ups. My whole kit you could get together for under £2k.

Some of the NTSC setups put mine to shame.

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Now thats IKEA

Nah, just cheapo pine shelves from Wickes.

My Front room set up has a huge Ikea cabinet, that can house a TV on the top and 18 dvd thin players (6 players - stacked left and right on each shelf).

Hobo's 28" Panni sits on that - again standard, as does the kids viddy/DVD collection which has taken over!

Also houses my Skybox, VHS player, and my Yamada 6700 DIVX/Mp4 player.

My wife doesn't want anymore stuff, plus i'm planning an extension, so it'll have to wait.

Love that projector though Kerraig.

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That thread on NTSC is staggering. Not in terms of the equipment on show, but in the pure willy-wavingness of it.

Why was this thread started though? To put a stop to that sort of...

*re-reads first post*



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mines spread over 3 rooms cos i have so much stuff!!! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!

actually, its cos i hate having clumps of fucking wires plugged into one tv. its true what they say, these kinds opf threads are just gratuitous willy waving exercises, like the car boot threads in retro. still, its nice to have a peek at other folks' 'rigs'

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Mine's a 24" widescreen going through my amp, just to a couple of Mission speakers.

Won't have time to take a photo when I get home but might tomorrow if anyone cares, which I doubt they will... but I'll probably take one anyway.

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