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What Are You Playing?


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Pariah's pretty decent. It looks really nice - incredibly similar to Halo really, but seems solid enough. But so far no real sense of mystery - which I do quite like in a game - Halo had it in spades, as did Far Cry.

We'll see, but first impressions are pretty good.

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Thief 3

Deus Ex (PS2)

^All for the princely sum of £9.99 or under from assorted online retailers. :D

Going back through Half-Life 2 again. On Hard this time which is what I should've done in the first place.


...and the odd bit of Neverwinter Nights.

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These games I am playing and enjoying very much:


Kirby DS (I forget the subtitle, it changes every time I look)


Street Fighter III: Third Strike (what else?)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (I still get tamed at this by everyone in the arcade and their dog)

Noiz2sa, but get this - ON THE ZODIAC!!!11 It's actually a pretty jerky port, yet it's still mad fun

And a bit of WoW when I get round to it. It actually pretty good to leave it for a bit, since it minimises the grind factor somewhat.

Games I've had a bash at and decided were no fun:

Forza. Filed next to GT4 in the zero fun catagory. They've got a great handling engine, but have done fuck all with it tragically.

Nintendogs. I can't bring myself to play this even at home since it makes me feel like such a tool. Plus I don't understand Japanese which is a massive downer here.

Everything on the PSP. Lumines is alright for a few goes, but I can't seem to bring myself to play it. Wipeout is alright taking it in turns with a mate on phantom class. Everything else is bland fillerware in my opinion.

Gradius V. That's what you get for reading the Edge review buying into the hype, despite not liking a single Gradius game to date.

R-Type Final. Same as above, although at least I liked R-Type 3. :D

Now how's that for a self-indulgent post!

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- Going back to some of my region start saves on Stranger's Wrath, in particlar Last Legs (my favourite)

- Playing Yoshi's Island on the bus to college for as long as these cheap pathetic batteries will allow

- Trying to convince an online colleague to find time to join me in a game of Donkey Kong Country 2 over Kaillera

- Occassionally playing Soldat across the Lan with my brother - it's still as brilliant as ever.

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I've finally managed to "get" FFTA, and it's making bus rides more interesting. Also, Fable (can you "earn" a new title through your actions without having to go out and pay for one), and the obligatory Halo 2 Live.

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I've tried playing the following recently:





Fable (again)

Gun Grave Overdose

Mario Golf Advanced

Fable (I really wanted to like it)

But I keep finding myself playing:

FFXI (*dingdingding* we have a winner)

Zoo Keeper

Pac Pix

(oh and I've just started trying God of War)

And then theres always the multiplayer goodness of

Burnout 3 (when I'm on live)

Outrun 2 (when I'm on live)

Singstar Popworld

Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumare! Matsuri Da!! Yondaime

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Gradius 5 - I'm getting a little bit better, can reach the boss of level 5 with 1 credit now. But then again, I'm playing in 50Hz mode and I don't know if it's speed optimised (full screen though...).

Star Ocean 3 - Hit another difficulty spike... More backtracking... Has introduced tons of low level player characters who just get murderalised in every fight so I can't level them up... But... 40+... hours... in... MUST FINISH GAME...

Metal Slug 3 - I'm still shit at this.

Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow - Awesome stuff.

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Mostly Mace Griffin- who doesn't want to jump 60 feet off a control room roof into water, swim into yer spece ship, and chase down a dobadder?

Ridge Racer Type 4 is also getting a look in, but the hokey, 1998-style RPG stuff is getting on my tits, as are the rubbish CGI movies.

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PC - WoW and a bit of Eve. Just played Doom3-Resurection of Evil and it was evil. It was really, really bad. Don't know why I persevered with it, just felt I should complete it because, fool that I am, I actually paid for it. Brothers in Arms is next on the shooter agenda.

PS2 – Not seeing much action for some reason. Plenty of drunken EyeToy-Play2 after the pub but that is about it.

PSP- Mercury and Ridge Racers and a bit of WipEout Pure.

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Last week I've been playing

Lego Star Wars (good, but a one-trick pony) - PS2 version

Pariah - Like this a lot, feels more like Halo than Halo 2 did

Constantine - :D I like this, good fun to play - Xbox

The Punisher - great stuff with decently placed checkpoints - Xbox

Zookeeper - great, the wife played this for 2 hours straight the other night. It has literally been years since SHE did this

Yoshi Touch and Go - got this along with Zookeeper in WHSmiths 2 for £45 promotion. Pretty crap TBH

Splinter Cell CT - finshed single player on Friday - yay! - Xbox

Mario Party 6 - with wife and daughter on Sunday afternoon.

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Ninja Gaiden. again.

it's bloody great, eh? camera can go a bit haywire, but it copes reasonably well considering you are a hopped-up ninjaman who can do anything a spider can. slicing the sheer fuck out of a roomfull of henchmen is a beautiful thing and a joy forever.

Beyond Good and Evil (Xbox). again.

it's bloody great, eh? this is the third time i've bought it on various formats and i always come back to it when i see it cheap. looks and plays great and has a talking pig with Rocket Boots. ace!

Biohazard (GC). again.

it's bloody great, eh? dogs smashing though windows innit?

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I'm having trouble settling on one thing at the moment, usually I have one big game on the go and play others on the side.

PES 4 on Live is my main one I guess, dont know if I should be proud of my played 88, won 61 ranking though..?

Forza, PSO and Champ occasionaly get a look in too.

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