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What Are You Playing?


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Ive started a new job so havent had much of a chance to play anything.

It's been bouts of Outrun 2, Pro Evo 4 and Animal crossing.

Hopefully tommrow me and my brother will get some co-op halo going! Looking really forward to it :blink:

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I am finding console games a bit meh at the moment. I have started Doom 3, TS3, Brothers in Arms and Midnight Club 3 but don't feel particularly compelled to go back to any of them. However, I am enjoying Chaos Theory, PES4 and Black Arrow on Live. Also playing quite a bit of PSP (WP, Lumines and TW) and DS (Polarium and Mr Driller). Still dipping into FM2005 and WoW when I get a chance too.

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Pariah demo. Although the A.I is a bit dumb, I'm still enjoying it. Because I'm a FPS whore, and I've got this game on order.

Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory. I haven't had the time recently, so I'm looking forward to playing some more levels.

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Halo 2 on Live: Although it's taken a bit of a hiatus due to my coursework and the lag uprising

PN03: Surprisingly addictive random levels. Really pick-up-for-five-minutes once I got my head around the feel of the game. I'd pay good money for a PSP (or maybe DS) version.

RE4: Obviously

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Manhunt also got heavily sessioned recently. Went back to it just at the point where the game gave me guns to play with. Shotgun to the face ensued maniacal laughter on my part.

Has to be one of my favourite videogaming moments. You're just like WOAH :o:lol::):D

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Doom 3 x-box - just got back from hell. I am not liking those hell foetus things that fly at you mewling . Had to stop playing it the other night because they just freak me out.

RE4 - Trying to get all 5 stars on mecenaries and then I'll probably go back and play pro mode. Best game in years.

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - Finally got hold of a decent second hand copy of this. It's sooo good! :lol: Almost Symphony of the Night good.

Gradius 5 - I'm shit at this.

Metal Slug 3 - I'm shit at this as well.

And the following RPGs and SRPGs are currently "on hold":

Ring of Red (been at this one for over a year now...)

FFX-2 (second time through, I don't know why I do this to myself.)

Star Ocean (just up to second disc. I'm actually starting to wish it had turned based combat. It's just... button bashy, random.)

Disgaea (Up to chapter 11, I may sack this one off as it's just done the "Enemy boost x3" over the entire map, geo symbol at opposite end of the level to the start panel "puzzle" for three levels in a row. Such an overated game.)


hmm... Alex W's post is tempting me to have another shot at PN03 because I never finished first time through (couldn't beat the last boss.)

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Played Project Zero on Saturday, only at the early stages of this game but it's already scary but it’s a lot of fun as well, think I'll get a lot of value out of this. (Cost £:lol:

Then on Sunday I played Pro Evolution 3. I'm struggling at the moment on difficulty setting 3 stars but on 2 stars I walk all over the computer. I need a lot of practice but I'm slowly getting there. I’m starting to hold a lot more possession but always mess up in the final third of the pitch.

Hopefully if I can slot it in tonight I'm going to be back on Disgaea. I think I'm on Chapter 6/7 with about 17 hours on the clock. I really loved this game last time I played it so I'll be looking forward to playing on it again today or tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying my gaming at the moment.


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pretty much handhelds only as my flat flooded while i was away, so nothing's set up.

world tour soccer (psp) which i picked up on saturday is getting a lot of play - it's ok on the first two difficulty levels but ridiculous thereafter. the tackling annoys the crap out of me - block tackle to bundle the man off the ball? fine. but inevitably another opponent appears out of nowhere and picks the ball up. tackle someone in the centre of midfield and you'll have to do it again two or three times to keep control of the ball.

still, it's a decent enough game of football on the move, which will tide me over nicely until pro evo drops. :P

also picked up thug2 remix, and struggled with it. my normal frantic thumb movements have to be toned down because the screen shakes around a lot and i can't see what's going on. framerate seems to suffer occasionally as well.

loading times on both these titles are unacceptable.

still dipping a toe into DS waters, with wario ware and kirby the most common. nintendogs should be arriving this week :lol:

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RE:4 - fookin ace best game I've played for a while, best RE game ever.

KillZone - Surprising, Iwas expecting it to be really shit considering the slamming it got in the press, turns out to be a highly atmospheric and enjoyable FPS!

Yoshi touch and Go - still not hooked on it despite the universal acclaim!

Halo2 Intermittently at the mo may go on tonight for the update (still not got it yet to much RE4) and new maps.

MGS3 cued up after I finish Killzone!



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Manhunt is the only thing I have on the go at the moment.

I just acquired Tenchu: Return From Darkness and Fantavision on the cheap, but the PS2 power lead is in t'fiancee's parents' house and I left the XBox at home after lugging it there for Manhunt and Second Sight this weekend. I was looking for something to play today - unfortunately the Gamecube is all but dead on the highstreet in Belfast.

So, er... technically I'm not playing anything.

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Darwinia - Just caught up with the rest of the world and found out about this game. It's a bit good! Don't get much time with it because of...

World of Warcraft - Over two months on and I'm still hopelessly addicted. It's my first MMORPG ever and I just love it, and the community to bits.

Rome: Total War - I just can't get the hang of this but it looks quite cool. I think it's because every time I set down to play it I'm dead tired and can't follow what's going on.

Ridge Racers - Such a great little racer and a fantastic way of passing times. This anthology of sorts was the best thing Namco could've done as a PSP launch title IMO. It just feels "right".

Lumines - I normally don't have the patience for puzzle titles and prefer games where you explore or kill things but something about Lumines really appeals to me. It's just one of those games that clicks more and more and the combos and block clearing when you're in the zone scarily borders of euphoric (well, not really :D)

Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory - Well I've played level one and a bit of level two. Seems like a good game but the curse of WoW is too strong.

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Well, I just finished off Half-Life 2 (made me go :D then I thought about it and then I went :D ) and am currently dipping in and out of...

The Chronicles of Riddick -- Now, I'm not to keen on the characters and violence of the title (even though it is to be expected given the setting, I guess) but the overall quality of the game is astounding and has kept me interested. I only picked it up recently (the past week or so...) so I'm a little behind the times ;)

Galleon -- Another cheap title I picked up the other day. I'm not too far in but it's pretty cool in my opinion. I'm reminded of F355 or GTR a bit ( You: :D ) in that there has been a lot of development in the main characters abilities (i.e. the car in F355, bear with me...), how he moves and what he is capable of that the rest of the game suffers slightly but somehow manages to pull just enough together for an enjoyable romp through the game (did you get that?) The way it works makes sense when you're about an hour in, quite clever I thought...

LEGO Star Wars -- A game me and the missus are enjoying. Except she's rubbish and I end up getting frustrated. Good game though, it doesn't matter that she's crap at playing :D

Crimson Skies -- sort of playing on and off, half-an-hour here and there.

I'm sort of playing Morrowind and a bit of Splinter Cell:CT when the mood takes me. And I still need to finish off the final ace mission in Mercenaries (where you go after SoongSong. I got about half way through it but the bridge bug caused me to 'Game Over' so I'm sulking. I think I'm just going 'cheat' my way through the mission and use an NK vehicle from the start, drive or fly my way through the mission. It's not really cheating, just taking advantage of what's on offer... ;)

edit: Lots of Xbox games... :P

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HMV still have a bunch of stuff, do they not?

Thats bull. Theres loads of cube software in game, their preowned section, HMV, cash converters and gamestop.

As for what I am playing

Paper Mario 2 or rather my fiance is. We are having a race to finish it as I am off work following an operation... She won.

Turok 2 I know, its the N64 version though, and its not too bad...

MGS3 I got engrossed after having written this off as "just MGS2" with different graphics...

Starfox Adventures Got this supercheap on ebay and fancied a wee go.

Doom 3 Xbox I suddenly hit a "cheap" point in the game.

Katamari Damashi Beautiful, I dont want to finish it because I love it so much (I actually delayed finishing Gregory Horror Show by months just by walking round in it. I adore that game)

KOTOR2 Want to finish it but can't get together the desire to...

Rainbow Six 3 Xbox yikes I need to finish some of these damned things...

Animal Crossing Or just stop buying them...

I am now waiting to get torn into Front Mission for my Snes and really lay into the new Halo 2 levels....

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It's RE4's fault...

Amen. Well, I'm having a slow run through Chaos Theory, which is helping me avoid RE4 burnout (e.g. dreaming I'm in a mercs level), but I've got a pile of pending games - GT4, MGS3, Paper Mario 2 and so on - that haven't had a look-in thanks to RE4. And for the first time in a very long time I've not felt the need to pick up potentially interesting games on their release, thanks to RE4. Timesplitters 3, Jade Empire and so on - I'dve picked those up straight away 'normally', but I'm not tempted at all. Because, why bother?

What's going to become of me?

In conclusion, I'm playing RE4 and Chaos Theory, and in Chaos Theory I keep double-tapping when I'm opening a door.

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HMV still have a bunch of stuff, do they not?

They have a single wallstand of games and a few in the preowned bit - the not-so-new-but-not-yet-old stuff is still beyond my impulse buy price for games I reckon will be any good. GAME's two units of stuff is nearly all preowned and nearly all ridiculously priced. Animal Crossing is £29.99 in Gamestop PREOWNED :wub:

I was really looking for Sands of Time for the GC on the cheap, so I was on a bit of a no-hoper - it's 20 quid preowned for the GC version in Gamestop. The cheapest I saw it for was in Cash Converters for a tenner, but that was for the PS2 version.

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Final Fantasy XI (still) and when I can't get onto the server Resident Evil 4.

Had to laugh at the bod who a couple of pages back said he was getting a PC soon and would be playing World of Warcraft plus a few other PCs games - obviously new to the complete life takeover ability of MMORPGs then :wub:

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After completing RE4 World of Warcraft was released and i have not played on any other game since.

That is until Saturday when Jade Empire arrived.

Also, i got near to the end of Disc 1 on both Baten Kaitos and Tales of Symphonia on the GC at christmas. Not touched either of them since, the other night i started thinking about them and i really want to get them finished.


Pc: WoW

GC: Baten Kaitos

XBox: Jade Empire (my main effort at the mo)

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