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9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (DS) - Trying to power through this in a few days as I have Paper Mario yet to be started and my free Mario 3D Land on Tuesday, if I stop playing this I'll never get back into it. It's a lot of reading and two hours in I am not blown away (ign.com). The opening 30 minutes was a strong start, there's then a lengthy amount of story that could've been trimmed a bit I'm sure, and now I've done a couple of puzzle rooms and so far they've been a bit stupid. They're been more the Resident Evil-style "find a thing then stick a thing in a place" than the Laytonesque logic puzzles I'd expected and hoped for and it's a little disappointing that it doesn't take any thinking to progress, just click everything and you'll get there. Hopefully the story takes some interesting turns as it goes on or I am required to engage my brain later. The writing is above average I'll give it that.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (PS3) - I got burnt out on Dark Souls about a month before the DLC hit after getting the platinum trophy so I wanted to wait until I felt like another playthrough rather than force myself through it just to see the new content. I am now there with my SL59 STR build getting humped at the first boss. It's good to be back.

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Yeah, the puzzles are pretty underwhelming in 999, the first time I started it I was hoping for something like layton and as a result found the lengthy text laborious. But I went back to it with the mindset that it's more of an interactive fiction with the ocasional puzzle thrown in to break up the pace and I found it a lot more enjoyable. The localisation seems pretty good for the most part and the additional playthroughs for the other endings which tie the story together are made more enjoyable by the fact you can just hold right on the dpad and it'll fast forward all the text, automatically pausing when a new choice or line of dialogue pops up.

I've been playing Paper Mario and getting a hell of a lot of enjoyment out of it. Me and the ladychum both got it for each other's christmas and we would have been playing through it all together if I hadn't become so hopelessly in love with it and rushed way ahead.

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Aye I don't mean to be too harsh about it, it's just not what I expected at this point. I want to know what happens though and I'm already wanting to see how it'd be different if I'd 1) chosen the other door at the start and 2) not brought along the smug blind arsehole.

Do you have any idea how long your first playthrough took?

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Gears of War 3. Its 'destroyed beauty' aesthetic's still jaw-droppingly handsome, but the pacing's slack and it substitutes the scares of the first (influenced primarily by Resi 4, don't forget) for bombast.

Oh, and escapeVektor on Vita, which is marvellous.

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9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (DS) - I was a couple of hours in and moaning about it being a bit dull and not what I expected the last time I posted in this thread a few days ago, I have now completed if four times and would rank it among the best games I've ever played. What a story - so many twists, so much content that you could play this game once and miss. Absolute genius.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) - Inspired by a group play-along that started 1st January on the Idle Thumbs forum where we play through this game at the rate of a colossus every two weeks I fired this up and went through the first three before I could stop. Wonderful stuff.

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) - My free game, thanks Nintendo! I'm two worlds in and not convinced by it but will persevere. One thing I am sure of is that they need to start making some new music for these games.

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Completed Lego Batman 2 over Chrimbo. Like, totally one-hundred percented it. Compelling stuff. :wub:

Anyway, confusingly, I got both God of War 3 and Gears of War 3 for Christmas, so I'm playing the former first. At this point, it's just more of the same, rather dull, excessively violent, but epic and grand and I'm more interested in where the story goes than anything to do with the combat or the 'puzzles'. I still think these games are a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, and if anything, they're getting more and more tedious. Also, whilst it's certainly got better textures / shaders / lighting effects and all that next-gen jazz, it has resulted in the game looking a little less magical, more grey and gritty. Ah well. This will probably be the last God of War game I play. I need to stop sticking with 'franchises' out of some sense of loyalty and play new things!

And yet, on the 3DS, I've got the last Professor Layton DS game, the one with the Spectre. Nothing has changed; I'm yet again torn between the thrilling mysterious story and the pace-halting puzzles. The game wants to be two things at once and it still doesn't work all that well. But it is lovely and charming, and I'll certainly try to finish it before playing the new 3DS one some time.

On the PC, I've been playing Sonic CD in a rather serious capacity. That is to say, I've dabbled with it before in compilations and emulation, but I've finally decided to learn this game inside out, as that's the only way to get the most out of it. This 60fps 16:9 remake/port certainly helps matters - the conversion is brilliant and I'm glad I bought it if only to fund more of this quality of remake. So, as it turns out, finding the machines in the past and getting good futures is not as daunting a task as I originally thought it would be. (The fact that you can quit a level and restart it if it's going pear-shaped certainly helps.) However, the special stages - oh my goodness. It's like somebody's idea of a proof of concept game intentionally designed to show why Sonic doesn't work in 3D. Sure, they've fixed the UFO scaling and it's all much smoother now (the original was horrific!) but it's still an absolute nightmate. This could take some time...

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Currently playing a handful of games at the moment.

Driver San Francisco (PC): Amazing amount of fun to play. I only ever play it in short burst but the driving is tight and the story is better than it should be. But mainly the driving, WOW!

Sleeping Dogs (PC): Played this lots over the last week. Love the setting, the characters and the combat. The driving in comparison to most games would suck, but in comparison to Driver its an absolute travesty. Love the game as a whole though.

Far Cry 3 (PC): Caned it when I first got it and have since slowed down a bit. Will go back to it once I've finished Sleeping Dogs I think.

Spec Ops: The Line (PC): Bought it on the back of the rllmuk thread after it getting amazing feedback and it being on sale for £5 on GetGames I think it was. Decent visuals, brilliant main character but its a cover shooter so struggling with that. Hope to finish it this weekend.

Battlefield 3 (PC): Still play this lots and lots.

NBA 2K13 (360): My Career mode still gets an outing. Have to be in the mood though and have access to the TV in the living room.

Probably got too much on the go, but with it being Christmas I had lots of free time to play games. Once this is gone got lots more to go through on Steam too. Nothing new exciting coming outing in the few months of this year right? :P

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The combination of Christmas and my non existent willpower means I've got about six games on the go at the moment. I normally hate doing this as I find it's easy to confused about what I'm supposed to be doing but I seem to have hit upon the right ratio of big adventure / fifteen minute blasters so I'm actually quite enjoying it.

I've stuck the boot into Resident Evil 6 a couple of times on here, but I do keep finding myself drawn back to it. Mercenaries is still great fun and the main story bit still provides plenty of nice and tense shoot outs, but generally the quality is all over the place. Really does look terrible in places which seems bizarre for something with so much time and money thrown at it. I'll be surprised if I see it through to the end (nearly finished Jake, halfway through Chris, just started Leon and haven't touched Ada) but I reckon I've had my £15s worth.

I often find it difficult to find the motivation to fire up Dark Souls but when I do I wonder why I play anything else. Having a bit of bother with Sen's Fortress and some massive axes but I'm confident I can get through if I can maintain my miniscule attention span on what I'm doing for an entire hour. I find this game goes perfectly with a nice glass of wine.

Street Fighter x Tekken on Vita was my surprise present from my Mother-in-Law and everything appears to be in order. Normally find it tricky to pull off moves on a d-pad but I'm getting there with some regularity. Character select screen is a bit intimidating but this seems perfect for the odd free half an hour.

Absolutely bloody loving Nintendo Land, despite the fact I'm playing on my own most of the time. And New Super Mario Bros U is shaping up to be the best of the 'new' series. The challenges are a really nice addition, and I daresay that being able to play on the gamepad is going to come into it's own in the next few weeks as my Big Brother obsessed wife commandeers the television.

Planing to get proper stuck into Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed tonight. Only played for a few minutes but I loved Blur and I've read a few comments likening it to Bizarre's game so hopefully it will be right up my street.

Also dropping in and out of Super Meat Boy again. God, I love that game and I reckon I could get the dark world done with a bit of perseverance.

Videogames :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Despite having a backlog of about 50 recent games, for some unknown reason I've found myself playing Heart of Darkness on the PS1 the past few evenings. :unsure:

The cinematics (which if i remember right were much heralded at release) have obviously aged REALLY badly, however I'm actually enjoying the insta-death platforming and it looks quite pretty at times, once you adjust to the low frame rate.

After this I'm hoping to get back into ZombiU and polish off Hitman Absolution (which feels like its been going on forever)!

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Max Payne 3 - I seem to be watching as much as, if not more than I'm actually playing. The cut scenes look like they were stolen 'Man on Fire' rejects. Poor frustrated film makers trapped in game dev.

Also it kinda sucks to empty a clip in to someone from 'Jersey Shore' and have them get back up.

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BF3 MP is still my main fix but I've started working through my pile of shame.

Few hours into Assasins Creed 2 just now. Thought it would be harder. I don't feel like I've been tested much.

I've got Dishonoured, Hitman and FC3 in the wings but I'll wait till AC2 is done and dusted.

This is part of my "Buy No Games" in 2013 (not including iOS trash). Still got Witcher 2 and I fancy another play through of Desus Ex, Bioshock and Dead Space.

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Currently playing.

Deadrising: Chop Till You Drop Wii

Received as a Christmas present from my step daughter so has immediately jumped to the top of my playlist. Only half an hour in and really enjoying it so far, I understand the 360 version is better but as I've not played that I'm not feeling like I'm missing out.

Gran Turismo 5 PS3

Played it a little on purchase then had a major lapse. One of my major reasons for picking it back up is so I can finish it, uninstall the update and free up some hard drive space. To be fair I do like a racing game and this is a good one, I would put the last Forza I played (Forza 3) above it though.

Resident Evil 5 PS3

Playing this co-op with the better half, managed a second session the other day which has seen us finish Chapter 1-1. This could take some time!

Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS

Put some other handheld games on the back burner so I can enjoy this a little more, nice game. Only on chapter 3 so far.

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