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The National - Alligator

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Late to the party I know, but I've been listening to this over the past couple of days.

It's lovely. Abel is amazing, but I actually like the slower, less frenetic pace of the rest of the album too.

Can't wait to see them on Jools this Friday.

Are there any more London gigs?

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Awww the green bunnies one is out of stock.

A medium might be too big for me anyway.

I got girls in large, but it was one a much nicer and clearer beigey one than the green ones. It's much like a small mans but accentuates my boobs more.

Waiting for Google Video to A-O-K the two vids.

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This one?


They've just added it.

Does it looks like a girls shirt? Is the large really like a small man's one? Is there more room for breasts? Like... obviously so?

I'm tempted by this green one.



Not really. Well, I wear skinny indie kid t-shirts all the time and it doesn't look to daft. I told some sexy ladies on Saturday and they all said I pulled it off.

The sleeves are a bit open to some arm pit hair escapage, and some mid-riff is easily exposed when stretching. So yes, I suppose it does look like a girls t-shirt, but not if you wear girlish sized t-shirts all the time.

EDIT: Some of Abel's chorus: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...30075401&q=abel

I was stupio drunk and didn't take many videos. Well, the only other one of note is about 30 seconds of Mr November. But it's so AWESOME it makes up for it. Once Google thumb it up yo.

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What do they shout during the climax of Secret Meeting?

Good stuff on Holland.

I'm not sure, they did that chant throughout the song live and I still couldn't make it out. I'm not even close to working it out.

I thought Berringer was nervous on Later, he seemed quite restrained compared to how he was at the gig. Understandable really.

Cheers for posting the vid McNeillR, how did the pics turn out?

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Cripes. Need to get those pictures back up. And the other vid.


Anyone checked out the bonus disc yet?

I think they played 'Driver, Suprise Me' when I saw them. And the remixes are quite nice considering how used to every other band getting remixed to fuck these days.

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Phew. They're only supporting, I thought I totally missed out on a headline show.

I'm not terribly bothered on not seeing them- especially if they'll be playing to a few ignorant knobs and seeing Editors again. Still a bit annoyed but it's not really worth paying twenty or thirty quid for- however amazing they were :)

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New The National material.

Absolutely my favourite band right now, while I'm off Radiohead.

Alligator, Cherry Tree EP and Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers are all wonderful. Each reveals itself after a number of listens.

These 2 new songs are very instant for me, I liked them both a lot on first listen. Which I hope isn't a bad sign...

New album out May, I believe...

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News on the title and exact date of the new album, as well as info about a supporting tour.


I'm terrified about this album, in case it doesn't live up to expectations. 'Alligator' was so good, and they're one of those bands I've got a bit of a personal investment in. They've been going for a while now, and have a fairly steady grasp of quality control, so fingers crossed.

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