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I will NEVER see any form of motor race as good as that, ever!

Yep...I am a fan of F1 and Schumacher. But there was more excitment in that one race than a whole season of F1 by a country mile.

Not a massive fan of Hayden, but felt sorry for him. Was please Elias won though, although I want Rossi to win the championship, I don't think I have ever seen someone so deserving of a win as Elias today. He has some serious balls on him that's for sure.

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Bloody hell - first Schumacher in Brazil and then this. I wanted to see a close fight. Shit. be a shame if Hadyn wins by default because of Rossi's mistake. I think Rossi has done enough to show the title should be his after an amazing comeback this year.

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Well it's all kicking off again on Sunday in Jerez! This is going to be a great season, I can't see Rossi losing, but Melandri is going to give him loads of trouble. Hayden is such a great rider too I hope he gets his shit together this year. So,

1. Rossi

2. Melandri

3. Hayden

Shit. :D

Well Congradulations to Hayden, I've been saying he'll win for years :D

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Son of a bitch! I can't believe the '07 WSB season has kicked off already this weekend and I missed it :D

Sneaked up while I wasn't expecting it.

Sounds like it was a cracker in Qatar too with Toseland and Biaggi getting a 1st and 2nd each. At least I'll be able to catch the repeat / highlights of it on Eurosport tomorrow.

Edit:Repeat watched,was good racing. Nice to see Toseland riding hard right from the start. Looking like it could be a good season for him.

Seems like the reduction to 800cc's in Moto GP isn't having the desired effect of slowing them down, with Rossi smashing Capirossi's previous Jerez lap record in this weekend's test, going fastest overall (winning himself a rather nice BMW Z4 M Coupe in the process) followed by Pedrosa, Edwards and Hayden.

There aint a chance in hell I'll be missing the opener to the '07 Moto GP season, in Qatar also. Roll on March 10th (Remember it's a Saturday race people). Let battle commence :(

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WTF is up with the Yamaha colours. I want Yellow and black FFS :unsure:

Have you see the trailer for it on bbc2 ? Its a bit gay, giving all these figures and panning out and saying ' and all on 2 wheels' as if you couldnt tell from the footage they show !

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No 2007 thread yet?
I was just expecting this one to be updated like it was from '05 to '06. As I see it has now been.
what channels are the bikes on this year please.ta
Races will be live on Eurosport and should be on BBC 1 or 2, maybe interactive :unsure:

As I said a bit up the page the other day, remember the race is on Saturday this week. Qualifying at 11:00am Fri on Eurosport and on interactive on BBC. Race day prog starts at 11:15am on Eurosport or 11:30 on BBC2.

If you can watch Eurosport earlier you'll be able to watch the 125cc and 250cc races also.

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