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I'm a fan of Capaldi, but I hadn't really been feeling his take on the Doctor, it seemed a bit fake and off somehow, not working. But this performance was note perfect from the off.

Very scary. All three were good.

I love the old very short science fiction story

"The last man on Earth sat in a room. There was a knock at the door."

I must admit I can't quite piece the story together. I hope it makes some sort of sense if I were to try. I also don't really remember the War Doctor's cabin so well but I suppose I can gather the meaning of that bit.

It's possible if I thought about it too much the ending doesn't really work with what went before, but the rest is exactly what I'm looking for from Doctor Who. Even got to hear the cloister bell.

I'd have preferred a short pause before launching into next week's tease, spoiled the effect a bit.

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I thought that was absolutely brilliant. Blink brilliant. I'm actually a little surprised that Moffat still had this in him after running the whole show for so long.

It was genuinely chilling at times, but often funny too and quite touching at the end. All the cast were great, and Capaldi has absolutely clicked as the Doctor. I'm already looking forward to watching this again. :)

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Horses for courses (as ever with Doctor Who!) but I'm absolutely loving Capaldi, as I expected I would. The contrast between him and the previous two seems to me to be that where they were exaggerating their inherent eccentricity to create their take on the Doctor, Capaldi is actually dialling his down a bit, and it's working perfectly as a result.

My favourite Capaldi line so far is still the one from last week's episode, when he responded to Robin Hood proclaiming that he always laughs in the face of danger (or something along those lines) with the question, 'And tell me, do people often punch you in the face?"

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That was extremely interesting and strange! That's exactly the what I want from Dr Who, and why I slog through ten shitty episodes in row to get to the good ones.

There was clearly some sort of monster under the sheet, you saw something creepy as fuck for a second (unless it was just a production fuckup meant to look more ambiguous). And who wrote on the board?

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