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Actually I think the UK Gamma pack is all the Gamma content, the next thing to be released over here is Delta on the 16th, Classic 1 & 2 are due on the 3rd and 16th of October and then there will be the european exclusive Omega pack sometime after that...all in all a lot of Wipeout.

Sounds like it - the Vanuber was included in Gamma Pack 3 originally.

Tigron for the win B)

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Not sure if this has been mentioned before, the shape of things to come?

However, today Sony announced a new strategy to get home video consumer to pick up a film they shunned in theaters. Today, the company announced the first game-movie hybrid UMD, which will feature both a feature length film and a playable game on a single disc.

On November 15, Sony will release the military sci-fi film Stealth, which slipped under most summer moviegoers' radar, on UMD. The portable version of the $130-million-budget, $31-million-grossing film will come with the first three levels of the best-selling PSP racing game Wipeout Pure. It will also feature a "Stealth" track not found in the regular version of the game, and allow players to race as the advanced fighter jet from Stealth. However, it will still sport the same three modes (single race, zone, and time trial) and speed levels (vector/beginner, venom/intermediate, and flash/expert) as the full game.

Unfortunately, those hoping to get both Stealth and Wipeout Pure: Stealth Edition a bargain price are out of luck. The disc will retail for $39.95, more than the $19.95-$29.95 MSRP for UMD movies, but less than most UMD games, which typically sell for $49.99.


I wouldn't mind if these disks were the same price but to charge more for content that should be a free download is pretty shit.

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I wouldn't mind if these disks were the same price but to charge more for content that should be a free download is pretty shit.

But Sony announced a week ago they'd soon start charging for PSP content downloads, so at least we got some warning. maybe we'll also see the new Stealth content as a paid download on wipeoutpure.com eventually.

(while they're at it, they might as well throw the JP Wire track content and the EU extra content stuff up as paid downloads for other versions. I'd like to have 100% of the Wipeout Pure stuff all available for all players in any edition of the game without needing to collect multiple copies from different regions)

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The Delta pack is available for download.

Haven't played it yet but its all Puma sponsored.  Still its free.

My 32MB stick is starting to bulge.  Time to exorsise some ghosts.  :angry:

Hmmm.... Can this be downloaded via USB if you have the US version or is it UK only? I don't wanna have to buy another copy!

EDIT: And has anyone managed to get the Coke stuff running yet? Will that only work on Japanese copies? Beginning to think I bought from the wrong region... :angry:

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