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Commando Madness!

Hello Goaty ♥

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5 hours ago, Mr Cochese said:

How physical are they?

They will have to get very physical if they intend to take it from my cold, dead tired physical hands and if you was here, you would get physical too. I will never let it go, I need it to let off some steam.


It's the Blu-ray I bought first* and I promise it will go last.


*True story, Commando really is the first ever blu-ray disc I bought.

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Arnie is in the comments section of the new Terminator on Reddit, he just dropped this:


As soon as I carried a thousand pound log with one arm I knew it was funny. But let me share the scenes you didn’t see that I tried to get in.

I wanted to cut off a guy’s arm and kill him with it. This wasn’t in the script. He would throw a knife at me and after he missed, while his arm was still extended, I chop it off at the shoulder with a machete and beat him to death with it. Needless to say, I was asked by the head of the studio, Larry Gordon to come to his office. And he said “what the fuck is the matter with you? Do you want to make money with this movie or an x-rated movie?”

I said “you’re right” and he said “get the fuck out of my office.”



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4 minutes ago, hub2 said:

Never seen it.


is it one of those films you need to have seen in the 80s first time around and now it's problematic?


I'd say if you have any appreciation for 80's action films, then this will be a fantastic first watch.  There's not an ounce of fat on it, it has great one-liners, it has terrible one-liners, it has great stunts, it has terrible stunts, it has great editing, it has terrible editing.


Basically, it has the best of 80's action.



Plus It’s a wholesome film about the bond of love between a father and daughter.




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