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Commando Madness!

Hello Goaty ♥

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Best thing about been home for Xmas? Finding the last working hard drive with the Commando rap that my brother and I made - his channel was banned a long time ago so I've chucked it on mine.

Scarface rap has been lost forever but Nightmare and Predator 2 will be up over the next few days.


Holy shit, that was your brother?!

Please upload the Predator 2 rap also, that was by far my favourite!

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Ah thanks man! Here we go :)


Nightmare on Elm Street is up as well.


Was so much fun making these (I did bugger all apart from help find our favorite quotes - he did all the hard work) - we wanted to make a whole series about all the movies we wore out on VHS as kids. Scarface has been lost but we might try Robo over the holiday.

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Folks, what can you tell me about the zavvi-exclusive Commando steelbook that's out later this year? Uncut maybe?


All I can tell from the description is that the steelbook has an embossed front, which is obviously enough for me to buy it anyway, but I was hoping a clued-up blu-ray expert from round these parts could tell me more...

It's going to be the same aging blu-ray that already exists, as Fox is putting the bare minimum effort into these.

It is uncut.

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There's very little extra in the DC.

Running times from the US DVD versions, with Unrated being the DC.

Unrated: 01:31.51 Min. NTSC incl. end credits
R-Rated: 01:30.13 Min. NTSC incl. end credits
Unrated: 01:28.49 Min. NTSC excl. end credits
R-Rated: 01:27.09 Min. NTSC excl. end credits

A comparison of changes and tiny additions.

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