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I don't have much stuff to post here, but i have some ideas that i'm starting to working on.

The first one is a song called Vin Rosé, it's a expression of anxiety and panic atack, the music starts softly and calm, and it gets heavier and more melancholic.

The other one is A Jornada do Sujeito Oculto (The Journey of the Occult Subject), it's about a subject that goes on a journey, blind folded by his own mind.

And the other is Valsa do Sol e da Lua (Waltz of the Sun and the Moon), it's about the contemplation of the Sun and the Moon to the grandeur and beauty of each other, and they start to dance a waltz and fall in love, but at each step they take, they destroy a star or a planet, and they have to leave each other.

And there's a lot of many others stuff that i imagine, but i get a little paranoid posting my ideas on the internet :lol:

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Picture unrelated, but the waterfall money-shot in Bladerunner2 uses the Ackbar rasteriser (available via Centurion somewhere) but the dynamic code I recognise to be Nullsoft clone Goom, as used in VLC and Ubuntu. https://sourceforge.net/projects/goom/


There's probably a lot more open source stuff, but mainly for supermarket convenience and lack of mainframe time... like apower plant has to tested with chaotic 'glitch' data but most of the time has to do amazing real things like powering your kettle for a cup of green tea (Don't stop the green tea mutherfucker... you know I get cranky without my green tea... hey!!! stop doing the popeye theme tune, do you have any idea who the fuck I am??! I've been head of this post office division for 30 years you little fucktard! Get the fuck out of my cell cubicle half! Oh no wait, here's my green tea... ).


Such a process is torture for Sony, since Ackbar in comparison is tested every 5 lines of code and was prior to editing, 70% diagnostic tracer code: there was more code to test code than actual code, but that's actually how you make systems analysis software (it gives more people jobs, like your mates in a suit, and the corps get a stable-fast product - shakes out).


Or alternatively they're pointing out Rebel Alliance already has X-Wings you didn't even paint in shark cartoons or whatever... cos Luke Skywalker sucks and doesn't care about you anymore. Muhahahaha! I made GOOM pretty and you paid money for it. (The Death Star btw is legally very bad at death, or they wouldn't have got the powerplant contract right, okay don't analyse it too much).




A power spike of 2,290MW occurred in 2001, after around 20m viewers finally discovered who shot Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.

On average 15 years ago an episode of EastEnders would prompt a pick-up in electricity use of about 660MW. Now that figure is much lower, at more like 200MW. When the Great British Bake Off moved channels, going from BBC2 to BBC1, the National Grid expected to see a surge each time an episode ended.



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i did this nearly 5 years ago. FIVE. i dont know why i did it and i dont know why im showing it now




it should be the other way around shouldn't it, i should attach my camera to a drone and make it seem like i'm leaping off buildings. that car park is not accessible anymore.



it was basically yesterday. i remember doing it and it was yesterday. im not trying to waste time i just can't help it.

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The dancing from this derives from myself (but modified to be less violent), and the video explains how this motion capture data is obtained: hand-me-down thermal cameras from the Gulf War aimed at my house. The main purpose is to track keyboard strokes of people and obtain passwords and such, but they also use this to track motion of stuff inside your head to recreate your inner monologue saying the password 'tangerines' or your secret ID number to unlock the VPN line to Tracy Island and launch the cold war bio-bombs onto the moon... or whatever people do these days, but snooping on someone's inner monologue all day long and dork dancing is going too far really, and my measurement of what's normal is wether or not Robbie Williams can handle it before turning to drugs and drink. Thus, please give me permission to stalk Robbie W, monitor his every thought then log it down to be published on wikileaks... for a scientific control period of 3 years. We'll see how this affects the subject... *pushes spectacles up nose*


The reason I say less violent is that every so often while being crushed to death from SPYING the cellular intelligence in my muscles finally flips out, and requires that I do 10 minutes of insane violence based motion - which end up being odd dance moves to the cam-dir like shooting guns, or, some really ugly stuff like beating cam-dir's head to death in really brutal fashion, also Evlis thrusting type moves which aren't fun at all, but gross and intimidating - and then the cellular intelligence is satisfied I did something about the situation, since they lack higher reasoning or memory processes like the brain and assume something happened. But... as a general science lesson it should be known that people can automatically hit someone else without wanting to, yet this can definitely be over-ridden and I've been doing it since age 8 at least.


Last time this happened, dancing wasn't enough and I beat the hell out of a matress with a wooden plank - very close to attacking human flesh and makes a satisfying WWF wrestling type smack that you can hear through three walls, but I safely beat this mattress for a long time VERY USEFULLY REMOVING A FEW YEARS OF DUST.


Exactly how BELOW remix becaming ABOVE edit is bad management, or possibly ed is Willow from Buffy. She kinda love the meek sensible thing.


Also, the act of dancing to a tribe opponent that they run away instead of starting a battle is VERY ANCIENT and PREDATES WAR. I'm not even that original.



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On 25/05/2019 at 21:28, Soulstar said:

I have to admit I found some of this amusing. I take it this is comedy right? Are these yours or linked from other sources cent?



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