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Yeah, that one's basically how I would've done it if it was for myself, but I don't think the target audience here [small studenty clubs in Middlesbrough] would be into it.

Initially I didn't have the dancing lady on there [a bit overused, to say the least], but I was told that the manager of the club said "it needs to bring in the fanny"... the general rule being that ladies go wherever they like, while the blokes just follow the ladies. It just seemed like a safe way of making it more familiar and lady-friendly - especially compared to the minimal Helvetica thing - and I do like the pure white / Sin City-ness of it. My main problem with is it that the arrangement of all the text / information isn't as tight as it could be - partly because there's so much of it - and I was actually told to cram a couple more bits of info on it earlier today... :)

It was my first real go at this kind of thing though, and I'm happy enough with it. I like it a lot more than most of the stuff the clubs round here usually put out, which was my main target :huh:

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No where near finished but I'll probably not work on it for a while. Needs some smoothing and details adding but I think it's shaping up to be great.

Edit: another quick render:

Great stuff...

Some very rushed pieces for an academic poster.




Better I think.

Agreed, although it appeals to a much different audience, although so does the name, which is terrible, imo.

Too much info isnt a problem with a flyer really aslong as you draw attention to the important bits (Drinks prices mainly)

The first one should do the job for the audience.

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Just been fiddling around with character drawing, fineliners, brush pens and Manga Studio, as well as a bit of photoshop.

It's not great, but I do think I've advanced to the stage where I could start to draw a simple manga as an excuse (and more interesting way) to practice drawing lots of chracters.


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That's well ace, that.

Is this a bit of something in your spare time? Or can we speculate madly at the possibility of a feature length cartoon / comic / anime from you in the near future Fargal?

It's a character from a comic I've been planning on starting for a good while now, but the animation was just something I wanted to do just for the sake of it. I wanted to draw out some frame by frame animation after looking at the trailer for Tekkon Kinkreet again.

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I take it thats the girl from the snowy picture?

Is there going to be a 3d snowy picture? that would be great.

I have spent a bit of time messing about with black and white pictures to make them colour for a background I was making, very simple and I was VERY lazy with it, but I like how it looks.

Larger Version of my Avatar You can see where I messed up the hair near her eyebrow, but as I was cutting the image down I didnt bother to fix it.


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Meh : :)

Tofu your stuff is great and this is really nice. What is your technique, you seem to use a lot of textures for your backgrounds which is something i have not seen a lot. I'm guessing a lot of hand drawn stuff, Photoshop and illustrator. Do tell :)

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