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Spike Out - Battle Street


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well, i acquired this today from the "usual places" and have to say its a great little game! fantastic old school beat em up with typical sega touches! it seems like a "proper" sega game at last. much like their releases on the dc! i never had the pleasure of playing the arcade version, so its nice to finally play it! though, im sure it will have some dodgy cover when its released, and be in the bargain bins within 2 weeks, like most of segas recent releases :)

still, i will probably buy it, just to try it out on live :P

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Segakid, do you know how to pick objects up? I've changed the button layout and I can't grab any of the weapons now. Ta.

yeh i do! took me a little while to figure out tho! i use the beginner controls layout and all you need to do is stand over the weapon and press DOWN and Y

twatting people with the giant tyres is great fun! ;)

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Thanks Segakid, I played it again last night and I sussed it out.

Add that to the list of things that are horribly broken in this game, then. How did they - how did SEGA - manage to fuck the controls up for something as basic as picking up weapons? It's clumsy and awkward and never accurate, even in the training room it's difficult to pick up anything, the objects just skate around on the floor with their spastic physics. I managed to pick up the flamethrower after about 20 attempts, imagine my horror when I realised that you have to wait for the firing animation to end before you can move again after using it. The animation takes about three seconds to complete, in that time you're rooted to the spot unable to move or defend yourself. You won't be able to check behind you to see if you're about to get jumped because of the terrible camera, so using this weapon is like a leap of faith. The camera is probably the worst I've seen this gen, I just don't understand what they were trying do with it.

This whole game just reeks of ineptitude, it's dire, like a bad flashback to a bunch of gaming memories you'd rather forget. I thought this was going to be a companion piece to The Red Star and Shikigami No Shiro, a modern arcade game that makes you long for retro values but no, if anything it makes you value the progress we've made in recent years.

If this was released by Acclaim or EA it'd be torn to shreds on here, it's clichéd, boring, broken and undeveloped. Don't get sucked in by the "limited edition" Sega hype, it's like a bad Tekken Force mode clone crossed with State Of Emergency. Shockingly bad.

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Uncle Nasty, I'm glad you dont like this game, for the simple fact that you have been praising so much stuff lately that i was starting to think you'd enjoy shitting in a bag and punching it.

reading your vitriol towards this title has just made me wanna play the red star all the more.

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