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Robocop Remake - February 2014 - PG13 Rating Confirmed at ComicCon


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Despite some of the positive comments in the thread,

The TV series isnt great but enjoyable, especially considering the budget they were given.

I can imagine Robocop:2005 now, it'll recieve a 12A rating and have Mild Fantasy Peril and one use of the word fuck.

The above quote is surely right. It'll never have the ultra-violence and hard hitting satire of the original.

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The cold hard facts are Robocop is outright amazing. However I genuinely think its due to the fact it has the best bad guy ever. Clarence Bodicka (sp?) is just fantastic. Him and ED209 be the best things in the film. "Bitches Leave"

"Can you fly, bobby"

He even makes That 70's Show watchable.

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It's from a licensing expo in NY so they're more likely putting the idea out there and seeing if there's going to be any interest as opposed to actually pushing the film forward. I'd guess the more players they can interest the more they can subsidize the film.

I think it tends to happen a fair bit, studios create posters and such like for films they plan on making but haven't yet greenlit, and see what kind of interest they receive from licensing shows.

The Robocop remake had been bandied around for an age, Verhoeven even mentioned doing it himself at one point, so this is a step closer than some other movies but we might be safe for a while yet.

Get out your Criterion Versions, folks :)

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High five to you sir, He is such a natural born badass. A true winner. Who would do that role justice. Honestly?

my favourite exchange in the entire movie...

"Clarence : Cobra assualt canon, state of the art bang bang!


both "state of the art bang bang" and "I LIKE IT" deserve to be memes. I want an animated gif of emil saying "I LIKE IT" STAT

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'I don't wanna fuck with you Saul *snorts red wine* but I got the guns - I got the muscle to shove this factory so far up your stupid wop ass, you'll shit snow for a year.'

'Guns, guns, guns! The Tigers are playing to-night. I never miss a game!'

'Your company built the fucking thing - now I gotta deal with it?'

'Well it looks like we're going to be friends after all, Richard.'

'You burnt the fucking money! It's as good as marked. You stupid - stupid asshole!'

'Cops don't like me. And I don't like cops. NURR NURR N-NURR!'

He is a god.

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Heh, I only went and downloaded the Robocop Trilogy last weekend, innit? I've got them all on video, but didn't bother with the DVD releases... and earlier today I was talking to the GF about the earliest I can show it to my son, along with the other films I grew up on...

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