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The Official Stubbs the Zombie Thread


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Stubbs The Zombie

Publisher: Bungie

Developer: Wideload Games

Platform: Xbox, PC, Mac

Genre: Action

Origin: US

Release: Summer 2005


Bungie announced a new third person action game called Stubbs The Zombie, which is developed by Wideload Games, using the Halo game engine. You play the role of a Zombie named Stubbs, who has the ability to possess his opponents, and take over their weapons. The game will have chaotic action, stealth gameplay not present in Halo.

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Yeah, it was previously called 'rebel without a pulse' and features an US 'alternative' rock soundtrack - 10 bands each contributing a track each.

the only one i can remember is the flaming lips have done a cover of 'if i only had a heart' for it.

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This sounds pretty promising actually, although that particular movie makes it look a little bland in places.

'Stubbs the Zombie' is an awful title though- 'Rebel Without a Pulse' was so much better. At least they've added it as a subtitle now, I suppose ;)

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Very important game from an industry perspective though. Stubbs has been created entirely on the work-for-hire basis, whereby the studio were paying artists and others based on the work that they contracted them for per week rather than keeping them on site and on payroll (or so the rumour goes). And so they've spent something like 35% less on developing the title than had they done so with a full compliment.

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Yes, Alex somebody.

Looks horrific. All that munching. I thought the violence was kinda toned down, cartoony. Looks really nasty. Not that that's bad, but it doesn't seem very cartoony to me.

Still, looks like it'll be a laugh.

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