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This thread is for use by members of The Rymans League.

It is to be used as a 'home point' for discussion with your fellow league members.

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Important Information


* The full rules can be found HERE. You must abide by these, so read them!

* The preferred match day/time is Sunday at 15:00hrs (3pm).

* If you cannot play the match on that day/time then you should arrange another time with your opponent for that week, and let your League Organiser know of the match day/time.

* If you have a question regarding the rules, or any other aspect of the Rllmuk Pro Evo 4 XBox Live League please contact your League Organiser.

Most important of all, the main aim of this league is to have fun, so lets keep it friendly and everyone will enjoy it!


Result reporting

Week beginning 13/02/2004
1812's Bouncing Goals     v Tobert's Tornado's        3 - 2
ASM FC                    v McMondos                  1 - 0
bph                       v Real Napole0n             3 - 4
JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   v SeanRs NotAthletic        3 - 1
McMondos                  v ASM FC                    1 - 3
Real Napole0n             v bph                       1 - 0
SeanRs NotAthletic        v JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   0 - 2
Tobert's Tornado's        v 1812's Bouncing Goals     1 - 2

Week beginning 20/02/2004
1812's Bouncing Goals     v McMondos                  1 - 1
ASM FC                    v JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   3 - 3
bph                       v SeanRs NotAthletic        0 - 2
JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   v ASM FC                    1 - 0
McMondos                  v 1812's Bouncing Goals     1 - 1
Real Napole0n             v Tobert's Tornado's        1 - 0
SeanRs NotAthletic        v bph                       0 - 0
Tobert's Tornado's        v Real Napole0n             3 - 0

Week beginning 27/02/2004
1812's Bouncing Goals     v bph                       0 - 3
ASM FC                    v Real Napole0n             1 - 3
bph                       v 1812's Bouncing Goals     4 - 2
JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   v McMondos                  3 - 0
McMondos                  v JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   0 - 0
Real Napole0n             v ASM FC                    0 - 1
SeanRs NotAthletic        v Tobert's Tornado's        0 - 2
Tobert's Tornado's        v SeanRs NotAthletic        2 - 1

Week beginning 06/03/2005
1812's Bouncing Goals     v SeanRs NotAthletic        1 - 5
ASM FC                    v bph                       4 - 1
bph                       v ASM FC                    1 - 2
JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   v Real Napole0n             1 - 1
McMondos                  v Tobert's Tornado's        0 - 3
Real Napole0n             v JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   0 - 1
SeanRs NotAthletic        v 1812's Bouncing Goals     4 - 1
Tobert's Tornado's        v McMondos                  4 - 0

Week beginning 13/03/2005
1812's Bouncing Goals     v ASM FC                    1 - 1
ASM FC                    v 1812's Bouncing Goals     2 - 1
bph                       v McMondos                  2 - 2
JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   v Tobert's Tornado's        4 - 1
McMondos                  v bph                       5 - 5
Real Napole0n             v SeanRs NotAthletic        2 - 2
SeanRs NotAthletic        v Real Napole0n             1 - 1
Tobert's Tornado's        v JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   4 - 2

Week beginning 20/03/2005
1812's Bouncing Goals     v Real Napole0n             1 - 1
ASM FC                    v Tobert's Tornado's        0 - 3
bph                       v JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   0 - 3
JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   v bph                       5 - 1
McMondos                  v SeanRs NotAthletic        4 - 2
Real Napole0n             v 1812's Bouncing Goals     1 - 3
SeanRs NotAthletic        v McMondos                  5 - 1
Tobert's Tornado's        v ASM FC                    3 - 1

Week beginning 27/03/2005
1812's Bouncing Goals     v JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   1 - 3
ASM FC                    v SeanRs NotAthletic        2 - 1
bph                       v Tobert's Tornado's        2 - 5
JamesLee's Bum Ticklers   v 1812's Bouncing Goals     2 - 2
McMondos                  v Real Napole0n             1 - 3
Real Napole0n             v McMondos                  1 - 0
SeanRs NotAthletic        v ASM FC                    4 - 1
Tobert's Tornado's        v bph                       2 - 0

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Guest JamesLee

This sunday I think I have family coming up, meaning I don't think I'll be able to play the game then :)

When else are you available seanr?

And tobert, I'll add you, if I ever see you on I'll pop on for a game, I could do with practice too as I still havent played it since early jan :)

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Well, the season started well for Real Napole0n. After the clobberings of the last seasons, two victories in a row against Bph.

The first match, Bph-Napole0n ended in 3-4. In the final phase there were some lag-issues, but fortunately not enough to make it unplayable. The second game was played more cautious and ended in 1-0 for Real Napole0n. Both matches were pretty close, and Bph had some unlucky moments before my goal.

Bph: Nice games, and I hope to meet you again in a friendly soon :(

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A pair of excellent games, I was 3-1 up at half time in the first game but Napole0n definitely deserved the victory in the end.

Sorry about the lag, the second game was completely lag free for me. Probably the smoothest game I've played, some absolutely atrocious shooting from Norwich though - I had two shots which almost hit the corner flag :(

Cheers for the games, nice to play some close matches :(

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Guest JamesLee
Hey, I only just got my PC up to speed, after a major mishap :D

Can I postpone my game with JamesLee's Bum Ticklers until tomorrow 10pm?

Hey thats fine with me mate, figured you hadn't read the messages so knew you wouldnt be on today. tomorrow at 10 should be dandy. Will have to set my alarm otherwise I won't remember to come off of WoW. :D

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Just to cinfirm those scores.

I felt absolutely dreadful in the first game, didnt deserve the victory what so ever. 2nd game I think it was 3 first half goals, but sean had a very fair amount of chances, but they just wouldn't go in for him. Not his night at all :(

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Here we go again, deja vu.

McMondos 1 - 3 ASM

ASM 1 - 0 McMondos

Two nil up at half time in the first half for ASM, then an early goal in the 2nd to pretty much seal it. I did have quite a bit of possesion and get one back mid 2nd half, but i just couldn't break down his defence. Something I've always been rubbish at. However, it seems other people dont have trouble creating big gaping holes in my defence :)

Five at the back?

The second game, an own goal due to a mix up between my goalkeeper and central defender gave ASM another win. My keeper dove to get the ball.. and the defender I was controlling ran in and took it away from him. Doh!

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Hi Guys

Two really good close games against McMondos last night, very enjoyable. The second was very close. McMondos was unlucky with the own goal.

This season has started much better than the last. I've already scored more points than in the whole of last season. :) I hope it lasts!

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Or did you want these by PM?

Yes please. I edited the results now anyway, but when we get further in the season with a 10 page thread, I don't feel like skimming through them to collect the scores as it's easy to miss one.

So please send me any match results by PM. And then in the thread with colourful match description for all to see ofcourse!

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