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You know, I thought it would be shit, and it really should be shit, but it's actualy not bad. Well, let me correct myself, it's bad, but it entertained me for quite a while. It's essentialy The Sims with tits and sex, but in the right frame of mind it can really entertain, and it has some suprising (Though unfortunately underdeveloped) depth-laden moments as you juggle your home life with running a magazine.

I only mention it because there are some genuinly good ideas there. For example, you need to hire journalists, but each journalist has particular likes and dislikes. You may want to have an interesting feature on sports in your next issue so you hold a party and invite a famous sports celebrity, but then you should really have a journalist who knows about the subject to interview the celeb, and then you'd have to charm the celeb in order to do the interview.

Like I said, there are loads of underdeveloped ideas but the potential is certainly there. To be honest, if they polished it up and perhaps spent a little more time on the graphics then this could be a pretty cool little game. It smacks the arse out of the DOAX game. Maybe.

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It's not that bad, really. If you start the game on, err I don't remember the mode but it's the mode which doesn't give you a mansion at the start, then it's pretty cool as you have to build your house. I think if you start with the mansion then a lot of the fun would have gone.

It's certainly better than quite a few games out there. Having said that, I only started this thread in case anyone was curious about this game and I'm in no way endorsing it. I wouldn't buy it, but I played it for a day and liked it, though it's worth bearing in mind I only played it because I had nothing better to do.

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