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24 - Season 4


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I've actually complained to them about it before. They always do it and it's always shit. Ok, so you can just not look at it, but there's been a few occasion where I've recognised someone in an episode and just want to find out who it is. I shouldn't have to run the risk of ruining a surprise entrance/death in the process you MOVIE DATABASE WHORING RETARDS.

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No doubt, that was shocking stuff. Behroozs mum was pure evil.

...who turned out to be less evil, as she tried to save her son. Silly cow...

I enjoyed season 4, but certainly the final "we got teh missle" bit was a slight anticlimax. The whole "blowing up nuclear reactors" was a far bigger deal - which they fortunately solved very easily.

Also, a bit obvious about Jack at the end. He walked away n all that...wasn't he a bit tired? Surely he needed a poo?

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God damn this season waas fantastic. Loved the ending

Oh, and the Behrooz thing, Kurtis saved him. If you check the deleted scenes the director mentions something about Behrooz rescue was not important so they wrapped it up with CTU briefly mentioning that Behrooz was saved by Kurtis.

In the deleted scenes bit, you get to watch it. TBH i dont know why they left it out, was quite good.

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I have to confess I followed Season 4 when it was being shown in the States through yarrrr downloads.. Was very, VERY disappointing compared to the previous 3. The last few episodes rehashed old territory and the way they dropped certain plot points in just made me want to shoot the producers and the writers.

The ending was rubbish as well - there's potentially going to be an interesting start to Season 5 (and the rumoured 24-minute episode that's going to be on the American S4 DVD release), but somehow I'm expecting that to be hashed up as well.

But still...

Sean Astin's gonna be in Season 5 so maybe it won't be all bad..


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Just finsihed series 4. It was good but not great.

I enjoyed Tony turning up! :rolleyes:

It has got to the point where you do kinda know what's going to happen because you've seen the previous series and know how the writing works.

Time to get cracking with series 5 now! :wacko:

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