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Your Own Pics Of Gaming Moments

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This thread was inspired by the goat keeper's pic in this thread where he drew this...


as a gaming moment which frustrated him because he couldn't find a picture of it, which he eventually did.


I want to see some of you do similar pics.

I'm very aware this topic is going to sink like the titanic but on the very off chance that it does work it could be fun.

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If Goaty did draw that pic from memory like he claims he did, I'm very impressed.

oh come on its the definitive moment of that game :ph34r: decides if you die after 5 minutes playing, or go on to play through the next 6 levels or so that are a walkover. Bastard thing I only used to play this in arcades and it took me ages to figure out how to work that.

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bah what a cop out, actual screenshot, nicked joke only thing the hog actually did was draw on a beard

Ummm, no... those 3 pictures by Bloody Hedgehog, not a single chance either of those is an mspaint job.

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