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Best Advert Ever


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It was a Honda Accord advert. Loads of different parts doing stuff, like those zaney traps that Tom used to set up for Jerry, you know, when one thing would bump into another, which would tigger another and so on.

No really, it was amazing.

I want to download it.

Here it is: http://www.fetchfido.co.uk/games/honda-acc...onda-accord.htm

Oh yeah, and A New Hope is on.

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Yes I have it on DVD, also.

Apparently the people that did the ad got in trouble cos they copied it from someone else?

And people felt cheated by the usage of CGI. It's from a small art film though, so no major lawsuits or anything...

Oh, check this one out:


That Honda ad was done by The Mill, famous for the Playstation ad (Mountain), the tigers in Gladiator, and the decent BMW and Merc. ads ;)

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