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What Was (is) The Best Final Fantasy?


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Its so sad the more time that passes the less people that say 6.

I wonder how many of those people saying 7 and above actually played 6 when it came out.

Fuck that, I wonder how many people who say FF VI have even bothered to play FF I! Scum!

Seriously though, FF VII is the bestest.

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Personally I think 7, then tactics. I've spent so much time on tactics it's untrue, I deleted a save file which was 70 hours, I have a current one which is about 20 hours, and I must have deleted about 120+ hours altogether. I spent 70 hours on FF7 roughly

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Final Fantasy 7. I was one of the PS/2 Final Fantasy players, and haven't really played much of the pre-VII's. I do have FF6 on a disc somewhere though, so I shall give it a go, soon.

7 was best because for me, the characters and storyline were ace. 8 was alright, but 9 was a disaster. The final boss had buggerfuck to do with the rest of the story, the main bad guy had a thong on, and the story didn't really begin to progress anywhere untill halfway through disc 3. It wasn't a bad game by any means, but the flaws in the story flow presented the game in a really bad light.

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I'm equally split between 6 and 7. Both are in my top 3 list of personal RPG favs.

6 had a bit better overall gameplay, more fluid, a couple of epic battles, more interesting bosses and some truly great locations. Some of the characters were a bit dull, but in the end this game had it all; Great story, a couple of nice twists, good battles and an ending to remember.

FF 7 had (imo) better characters, a better told story and slightly better music. It also has the best end of game boss ever. 7 has some dull locations, but also some great ones, the best locations in 7 are better than the best in 6, but also the worst locations in 7 are worse than the worst ones in 6. I adore these games so much that I can't choose either, so I must say 6 AND 7 as my fav. FF game.

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Final Fantasy V for me.

I've had the Japanese SNES version for years and years, and it was only until I managed to find a patch for the ROM of it that I was able to play the thing.

Brilliant stuff.

Of course, it's been released on PS since then, but still.

But I've enjoyed all of the FF series really (number 8 was fantastic - reminded me of a really bizarre version of Beverley Hills 90210!)

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Gotta be VI. No, it didnt have fancy CG cut scenes, tedious minute long summon attacks, angsty spiky-haired "uber-cool" heroes & villains, badly written romances or any of the other crap which seems par for the FF series nowadays, but it just rocked.

Loads of crazy stuff like the phantom train, mobile castles, the Opera Scene, Celes "suicide" and the whole island episode, Mecha-piloting and of course Kefka. The huge cast of characters (all with great subplots of their own) and their special powers means the battles had FAR deeper range of tactics that any FF since, especially during the final battle vs Kefka. Plus the pre-post apocalyptic structure of the game is brill, making it extemely openended in the second half of the game.

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