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Utter classic. I was watching it with my brother, and we were making comments at the screen, It was fucking hillarious.

My bro was saying (jokingly) ''shit! why can't the hundred guys shooting at arnie hit him?''

''you fool, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIS GUN! he has the biggest gun!''


Arnold: "You can beat me... You want to put a knife in me. Look me in the eyes. See what's going on in there while you turn it. That's what you want to do to me, right? Come on, let the girl go. You and me. Don't deprive yourself of some pleasure. Come on Bennett; let's party."

Bennett: "I don't need the girl--I don't need the girl!!"

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I was watching Power Rangers: Time Force last night (don't ask), and the main bad guy is played by Bennett!

My flatmate didn't believe me when I screamed "fuck me, thats Bennett", but a quick search of the imdb proved me correct...and also made it look like its probably the biggest part he's had since ;)

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If it comes to pure, badass, balls to the wall action there is no movie that has anything on Hard Boiled. That 'single take' scene (which wasn't really a single take but sure looks like one) still makes me squirt semen when I watch it.


OMFG teh hard boiled!

When they come out of the lift.....the following sequance.

Vemsie, I salute you!

Over 100,000 rounds of ammunition were fired during the filming of Hard-Boiled
The hospital shootout took 35 days to film, at 18-24 hours per day. Woo has said "It was like being in Hell."

The "hallway shot" in the hospital was put in to break the monotony of filiming. It was set up in about a day and a half. The crew had to all sit in one little room and watch the action via a series of monitors strategically placed along the hallway. Steadicams had proven to be too heavy, so Woo had his cameramen use hand-held cameras. Woo wanted to do the shot all in one take, but money was running low, so (even though the crew offered to work for free) he had to splice two shots together.

Orginally, Woo wanted to bring the entire hospital down during the finale. The crew became worried and asked producer Terence Chang to talk some sense into Woo. Woo agreed to use only 1/4th of the original explosives he requested.
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