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So Shit Its Great Film Recommends

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I heartily recommend Wu Tang vs Ninja, an epic tale of Shaolin warriors avenging their clan. It features thw world's pimpest ninja, the lead badguy is a kung fu perv called Abbot White, and a lot of it is filmed in what looks like an adventure playground near Leith.

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Pretty much anything on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. But there was one they forgot. You've probably heard of it. But you may not realise its greatness. That film...

COMMANDO - starring Arnold Schwartzenegger.

This is truly the best "Worst film ever". If you watch it with your brain turned off as you're supposed to, it's probably nothing special. Watch it looking for badness however, and you will find it EVERYWHERE. From the atomic-powered cheesy opening titles (Arnie spends quality time with his daughter - "I don't understand why he doesn't just call himself 'Girl George'! It would save all the confusion!"), to the setup, to the crazy plot that goes all over the place for absolutely no reason, for the most gratuitous pair of tits in cinema, to the insane finale where Arnie fights an entire army head on - and wins, and then takes part in the most homoerotic fight ever against the campest villian "Yeah! Yeah! I don't need the girl!" "Why not stick a knife in me, Bennet?", to the crazy and completely innapropriate steel drum music that plays through the ENTIRE FILM. And that's not even mentioning the infamous quipping ("I lied", etc.). This film is a masterwork of bad filmmaking. It's pure misguided genius from the second Arnie turns up to the second the credits start. Unbelievable.

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At the start of summer I made a thread asking for some trashy film recommendations. I've been working on an animation inspired by cult cinema, you see.

The thread became a crypt for a lot of forumite's favourite crap. You should check out some of those.

looked through all those...........

Blaxploitation/Meyer etc.............mostly tongue in cheek

I'm looking for films that aren't and yet are

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It's from 1995, but Showgirls has to be the ultimate triumph of bad filmmaking. The latest vip edition even celebrates its badness with a great commentary: 'Every person working on this movie made the worst possible decision every time'. It's a source of great quotes and very entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of my favourite programmes.

The 'sketches' in the show are not to everyones taste but the piss taking during the films is brilliant

Recommend the following Films on Mystery Science Theater (all available from DVD Pacific for much cheapness)

The Creeping Terror - A walking carpet terrorises people and eats people

Space Mutiny - Crap sci fi with crap acting and special effects nicked from Battlestar Galactica

Time Chasers - Ugly bloke time travels in a Cessna using a C64 to make the calculations, yes a C64.

Pod People - ET meets Alien

loads on Soulseek as well.

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