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So Shit Its Great Film Recommends

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naahhhhh.....i'm thinking of the late 70's to mid 80's spate of flickage.....the ones made for the 'straight to video market'........Robert Ginty seems to be a real 'star' in that respect........and early Van Damme/Norris/Lundgren works (always with a gay sub-text usually)

Oh, that will be Zombie Holocaust then.

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Jack Frost

not the one with michael keaton

I'll second that....but only for the scene with Shannon Elizabeth in the bath, with Jack's 'nose' ;)

Actually, screw that - the whole movie was teh rock!

And Game of Death two :ph34r:

"hmm, this temple of death sounds interesting....I think I'll....check it out!"

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I love looking at these video covers that used to scare me whenever I went to the video shop as a kid. Lifeforce is one.

Does anyone know a film which had a woman in the shower on the cover - she had little worm things crawling out of her skin - it looked well gross.

This is a great straight-to-video cheapo sci fi film:


You can't go wrong with Tim Thomerson. And it was Helen Hunt's big break!

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