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Free Double Cd


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It's a good listen, better than the last.



A 01) Daniel Biro & Rob Palmer - The Long Journey Home Part 2 (Extract)

A 02) Githead - To Have And To Hold

A 03) Bark Psychosis - From What Is Said To When It's Read (Edit)

A 04) Ateleia & David Daniell - FTP

A 05) Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides - 3 Lobed 1

A 06) Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Fuck Back (3:56 Version)

A 07) Aesop Rock - Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives

A 08) Pita - Resog 45

A 09) Violet - Priznak Aluminium

A 10) Michaela Melián - Brautlied (Edit)

A 11) Chas Smith - False Security Of Numbers

A 12) Martin Archer - It Don't Bother Me/Where's Mike?

A 13) Henry Grimes Trio - Flowers For Albert

A 14) The Necks - Mosquito (Excerpt)

A 15) @C - Int 10/34

A 16) Ascoltare - Crucible Process

A 17) Matthew Burtner - D2 (Edit)

A 18) Stéphane Rives - Ebranlement 2

A 19) Ergo Phizmiz - Sticky White Glue (Extract): Rectify

A 20) The Fall - Blindness


B 01) Cul De Sac/Damo Suzuki - Berlin 6

B 02) Meadow House - Tit For Tat

B 03) Milky Globe - The Warp And The Woof

B 04) Staalplaat Soundsystem - No Time For Space

B 05) Jason Kahn & Günter Müler - Tenth Blink

B 06) Andrew Pekler - Wait

B 07) Carter Tutti - Unreality (Edit)

B 08) DJ /Rupture Featuring Sister Nancy - Little More Oil

B 09) Burnt Sugar Vs The Dominatrix - Dominata (Remix By Qasim Naqvi &

Keith Witty)

B 10) Am/Pm - The Ends (13)

B 11) David Grubbs & Nikos Veliotis - The Harmless Dust (Excerpt)

B 12) Gary Lucas & Jozef Van Wissem - A Hawk From A Handsaw

B 13) Bonnie 'prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney - Bed Is For Sleeping

B 14) Damon & Naomi - Beautiful Close Double

B 15) Fax & Alex Ayuli - Spellbound

B 16) Ana Da Silva - The Lighthouse

B 17) Christian Renou - Ex-Voto (Wire-Fm Mix)

B 18) Enigma Device - Reunified

B 19) Shining - Goretex Weather Report

B 20) M Bentley - Piano Ship (Alternative Mix)

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Smiths usually stock it but you have to subscribe to get the CD.

No you dont. There is a subs only CD they send out but that's very occasional and separate from the tapper series.

The only places I've seen that stock the wire are borders and medium/large whsmiths.

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