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Sun Ra


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some of their stuff is absolutely brilliant while albums like Space is the Place and Calling Planet Earth are so deeply and thouroghly fucked up they make me wonder how anyone on this planet can listen to them and actually enjoy it without having some major mental disfunciton.

anyone here a fan of Sun Ras more "interesting" work?

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The great Sun Ra produced stunning albums throughout his long and varied career - problem is that they were often produced for tiny labels that disappeared shortly afterwards.

I'd say Space is the Place (the LP on Impulse, not the Film or the OST) is one of the more accessible ones for a Sun Ra beginner. Some of the earlier ones that always stay in print (such as "Heliocentric Worlds") will probably prove a bit much.

Whatever, the man was a stone cold genius. One day the average man will know of all modern music's debt to him. I hope.

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These are some favourites, though it's been years since I heard some of 'em.


Cymbals & Crystal Spears

Heliocentric worlds

Solar Myth Approach

Live at Montreaux ('76)

Space is the place (Impulse)

There's one tape copy of an LP that I loved to pieces - a kind of sinister Monkish chamber suite - which has which has unfortunately always remained nameless. Just thought I'd slip that in for no reason.

Disclaimer: A couple of these may require some sort of mental dysfunction on the part of the listener, however.

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