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Gamecube To Be Even Taller?


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he he

This device (if it exists) will not be an emulator BTW. The gamecube isn't powerful enough to power a 100% compatible emulator of the N64. A fair number of games will run on 'high level' emulators which mainly patch API calls to the host system whilst software emulating the CPU. These sort of emulators have quite a low compatibility rate which would be unacceptable in a product proporting to run N64 carts. Also, you'd expect the games to use on board cart memory (and any other hardware on the cart) which again rules out software emulation. With this in mind you're unlikely to see increased resolution bar (perhaps) de-interlacing in prog-scan mode which won't really help a 240 line image.

So what we'd have is a repeat of the Gameboy PLayer. A full chipset in the HW and a boot disk. I'm guessing It would either have N64 controller ports or some sort of adaptor but it would probably allow you to use a GC controller.

All sounds a bit cumbersome and pointless to me. But then again I gave a Gameboy player which I've never used.

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Objectively speaking though I don't see how Nintendo would expect to make much money out of this. The only people that would really benefit would be people who already have a bunch of N64 games, as they aren't exactly widely available.

Those people that have the games will most likely have an N64 as well, so apart from saving space the N64 player wouldn't offer all that much for them.

Of course Nintendo could always re-release a bunch of budget priced N64 games, but when you look at how low sales of Gamecube games are getting this would be a little misguided.

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*bangs head against wall*

Remember kids - if it is happenning in the UK then it must be happening the world over!

In the UK and America in fact.

Yes they're doing a lot better in Japan, but this survey is on nintendo of America's site is it not?

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With this in mind you're unlikely to see increased resolution bar (perhaps) de-interlacing in prog-scan mode which won't really help a 240 line image.

So... No framerate boost, no increased res, no 60Hz.

I'd only want to playa couple of games again now (Perfect Dark, Mario Tennis), all the others have been played to death. If an adapter wouldn't bring anything to the games apart from RGB... a waste of time all round really.

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have you got any figures to back that up?

i thought the gc was still doing really well in america...  <_<

Hmm I'm not sure to be honest. Going by the ammount of coverage it receives compared to the other consoles on American gaming sites it has the least ammount of interest anyway.

*Digs hole*

My point was though that even if a console is performing amazingly well most people would not wish to shell out for games from a previous generation as well as the means to play them when they could buy a brand new game instead. I doubt that many people buy PSone games to play on their PS2s these days, and that doesn't require any extra hardware. Instead most people use it to play games they already owned if at all.

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My thoughts exactly. I still have 4P Goldeneye sessions a few times a week, and I dread the day all of my stash of controllers are worn out.

Almost makes me want to cry...

You can get replacement sticks from lik sang and ebay. Open up your Nintendo controller and pop the new stick in. Say goodbye to worries about your stick going floppy in the heat of the moment. I got some for £2 each.

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