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  • 8 months later...


My wee cousin just sent me a picture of the Glasgow gig from last year. It's a nice little memory. How class is this pic?


He's staring right ino my wee cuz's camera. Anyways, he's gonna burn me off a CD of pics and a few short movie clips that he took, including the Mixmaster Mike "coming out of the box" intro. Y'all would like me to post those when I get them, right? :lol:

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Yeah, he remixed 'Shake Your Rump.' I heard it on that ridiculous Beasties DVD. I don't remember it that vividly, but I'm sure it was mad blunted. It's always hard hearing a remix of one of your long-lasting all-time favourites, though. Even it is from one of your top producers. I'd love to see them working together on new stuff one day, though. Doubt it'll happen, right enough.

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Adam Yauch has cancer :blink: Upcoming tour dates cancelled and album release postponed ... http://www.beastieboys.com/

My mate is going to Canada next week and was really looking forward to seeing them at Osheaga

From their publicist: "Adam "MCA" Yauch of Beastie Boys was diagnosed last week as having a cancerous tumor in his left parotid (salivary) gland. Luckily it was caught early and is localized in one area, and as such is considered very treatable. It will however require surgery and several weeks of additional treatment. Fortunately the cancer is not in a location that will affect Yauch's vocal chords.

Beastie Boys have canceled all upcoming concert appearances to allow time for Yauch's surgery and recovery. The release of the band's forthcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 will also be pushed back.

Get well soon MCA!

EDIT: Didn't see the Paul's Boutique thread. Apologies.

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As this thread is sadly never going to be bumped with new tour or album news, this is the best I can do.

If any of you are in London, you might want to check out "Licensed to Ill", a totally unapproved jukebox musical on for the next week or two at a tiny theatre space near Euston.


Its simply a conventional retelling of the Beastie story, which I'm sure we're all familiar with, and they don't find any hidden depths. I can't see how it could play to a wider audience (especially as they don't have permission).

But for those of us who have great affection for the songs, it's the only way we're likely to see them live again. It's a cast of 4 actors, the boys plus a guy who plays all the DJs and any other parts, plus extras roped in from the audience. Given I've been a reluctant stooge at loads of stuff lately, I felt sure I'd somehow be cast as the nerd in the Fight for your Right video, but I had to make do with the key role of the flagpole flying the Beastie flag over Capitol Records at the launch of Paul's Boutique. I acted the shit out of my part, there are no small parts, only small actors.

Anyway, it's all put over with energy and enthusiasm and they have a jolly good crack at recreating the songs. I have to emphasise the fringe nature of it, it's not the Jersey Boys or Mama Mia or We Will Rock You or anything (not seen any of those, perhaps they're exactly the same but I doubt it). I had a pretty nice time, and maybe you would too.

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  • 5 months later...

I'm reading the book at the moment. I knew it was going to be good, but it's insane how much stuff they've crammed in. Photo essays, magazine reviews, comics, there's even a little recipe book. :huh: It's hilarious as well, as you'd expect.


It does slightly feel that it gets less candid and less detailed after about the Paul's Boutique era, but that may just be because the ~1977-1986 part is so exhaustively detailed and full of incident whereas there's a bit less to recall about longer stretches of time touring and being rich Hollywood party guys.


They don't pull any punches about records/tracks they now think are a bit crap (not just Fight for Your Right). And Rick Rubin comes off very badly.

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I’ve got a pair of balcony tickets for the Kentish Town forum tomorrow that I won’t use as I’ve just bagged some stalls tickets. Anyone want them? No charge unless you desperately want to give me money. We’ll have to go in together I think. 

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I remember seeing them in Poland before The Mix Up came out, and they were doing a secret off-the-bill kind of laid out instrumental thing in a tiny old aeroplane hanger for about 100 people. Was amazing anyway being literally in like someone's garage watching these guys noodle away, then I think they got bored and launched into a full show. If I'd have overdosed on vodka and lord knows what else and been found face down in a ditch that next morning I'd have gone out at my peak.

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