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i preorded in august, so i was sure i would proberly be getting one.

how many do VG+ have coming in for launch? seven, maybe eight?

i think it is a pretty poor show myself, as i styed with them over preordering in the forums.

check your inbox for one of these:

We are sending out this email to customers who have preordered a Nintendo DS with us to update them on the situation. As you may or may not know there is a huge shortage on the market on this product and we will definitely not be able to fill all preorders on release date. Nintendo has shorted our delivery quantity of the unit quite severely for launch. We do have a lot of other suppliers and sources to obtain extra units from but these contacts can’t confirm quantity we will receive from them until very close to release date or even on release date which is making it very difficult for us to give our customers an accurate estimate of when their DS system will ship. Unfortunately at the moment as a precaution I have to inform you that your order for the Nintendo DS may not ship on release date. You do have the option of canceling your order but I just want to make sure you’re clear that almost everywhere retailer out there is sold out of preorders for release date!

and will most likely not be filling all the preorders they have already received. Once you cancel you will lose position inline for the DS and remember we will be receiving shipments weekly and hopefully fill your order as soon as possible. Games will start coming out next week and we can’t hold back shipments of these items based on if you are getting a system on release day or not. All DS software and hardware will ship when it comes in, if we can bundle games at the same time with the DS we will if not they will ship out separately. We know this is very disappointing news but in this business some of these shortages are unavoidable as demand sometimes exceeds supply on very popular items. We do recommend you to be patient as we will do everything we can as a company to ensure we can ship your order as quickly as possible, however if you do decide to cancel games or systems please email us at customerservice@videogamesplus.ca and we will be happy to accommodate your wishe!

s. We will try to update you as best as possible on the status of your order and restock shipments of the DS if your order is not filled on release date. We will be sending out another email to all customers that we can confirm will be getting the unit at launch as soon as it has been determined. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Steve Fiocco


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How is it a poor show if the distributor has cut their allocation due to the influence of big businesses such as EB etc.? It was obvious the demand was always going to be high, and you placed a pre-order from a business which is essentially run from someone's house, so it was never guarenteed you were going to get a unit. They stopped people ordering when the allocation was filled, and then had it cut. Hardly their fault.

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i think it is a pretty poor show myself, as i styed with them over preordering in the forums.

And so the backlash begins. VG+ simply can't win here, unless by some miracle they get an awful lot of DS console from Nintendo (or other sources...they must have some) they really are going to do nothing but piss an awful lot of people off.

They should just came out and state the current situation (we have x preorders and we think we are going to get y units on launch day) as I think drastic honesty is the only way to deal with this. People would understand more now than next Sunday/Monday.

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I don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but play-asia are doing a 220v model with UK style plug. This is apparently the Korean/Asian version and gets released on the same day as the Japanese model (December 2nd):


If you think you're probably pretty far down the order list at VG+ then this might be worth thinking about.

Edit: although it seems they are no longer taking pre-orders on any DS model, doh!

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They are not going to tell you how many they will get.

The current situation with Canadian distribution is that there is nothing for 2-3 weeks after release day. There are gonna be alot of angry people at VG+ here soon.

There's a couple of peeps angry at peeps spouting a load of "insider info" and all that, without citing their sources.

Who the fuck are you?

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Just got this from Sidney

"As of now we have a small confirmation of numbers but here is the problem. We have other sources that are going to give us more DS units next week when it launches but we won't know until that time our exact numbers so it's hard to tell everyone if they will get one until we get all the systems in. Even if you don't get it on release date it might not be long after as we really are working hard to get in as many units from all sources as fast as we can. We will be emailing the prople who we can confirm on release late this week but even if you don't get a confirmation email this week still doen't mean your DS won't ship next week. I know this is all coinfusing but it's just the way it has to be with the massive shortage on the market. Thanks"

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