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Halo 2 Headset


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I got one of these last week, and macosx is right, the sound is pretty tinny compared to the normal headset. Dunno about the lisping though.

On the bright side it is very comfortable, you hardly feel like your wearing it as it's so light.

It also comes with a few different ear-buds so you can get one that suits best.

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My current one is held together with one of those tie wraps so I need a new one. My main gripe with the official one is that it's too quiet, so if this is in-ear it should be much louder I would assume.

And if it's more comfortable aswell, it sounds great :)

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Dont do it. I've got one and its going back monday. Ear piece is tinny and the mouthpiece makes you sound like you are lisping. I've gone back to the original which sound twice as good and is half the price. avoid.

Ummmm. I know I'm very easily swayed but I think I'll hang on and not bother with the headset now. It may look lovely but I want it to sound good as well.

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Theyre in my shop iv been examining them closely....theyre gorgeous looking and seriously tiny. Minute even. I'l get them for 28 quid after discount so im tempted. Worried about these negative reports though...but i think theyl dissapear off the earth after a few months. They may be going for 80 on ebay in 6 months.

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Ok it seems as if stock in the US is already drying up to a certain degree.

I just got a price for 4 of them including shipping, and it works out about £27.50 including shipping to your door. Hopefully I should be able to get a price on a bigger quantity later on in the day. (Damn that 5-6 hour time difference!)

Are people interested in this still?

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Can I have one too please, Unlighty? Very interested.

I live in the Netherlands by the way, would that pose a problem regarding shipping?

More interest noted :rolleyes:

Nope its not a problem shipping to the Netherlands, I guess it would only be a couple of quid extra shipping.

It looks like the price should be coming down a little anyway :D

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