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Battlestar Galactica - American series viewers

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Agreed, her scenes were just as bad as those New Cap City ones.

Isn't she 'away' in the second season/season 1 part two?

She did jump to her death in the season finale? Or did I just imagine that? :unsure:

Early season 1.5 spoiler:

She jumped, but survived the fall.

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I’ve read the Series Bible now and I really liked it. He goes into loads of detail about the language/terminology that the Viper pilots and crews will use.

It’s interesting to see some of the changes that were made to characters before the series started. Laura Rosilyn was more of a Hawkish type and Adama is a libertarian idealist of sorts. Ron also seemed keen to have them encounter aliens at some point which I reckon would have been ‘cat in a bag’ levels of hilarious if it happened.

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Blood and Chrome sounds more like a cheesy 80's buddy cop movie that was never made.

Trailer was okay, but it all comes down to the characters. They'll have to be as interesting and likeable as the BSG gang to keep me watching. No overly pretty people plz!

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It's alright so far, I reckon. Kind of think releasing it in 10 minute chunks undermines the overall dramatic presentation, but I guess it's more important to them that they get a continuous stream of traffic.

It'll be getting a Blu Ray release later in the year, apparently. To be honest, gratuitous use of lens flares aside, I see no reason why this couldn't have been successful as a series.

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Bah! Only watched the first one and it does indeed seem awesome... :(

Actually just to add to that, I watched some of that Halo 4 'extravaganza' stuff recently, holy shit what a utter load of drivel. Yet stuff like this, with actual good writing and acting gets ditched... :(

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What's the deal with this Blood & Chrome? Is it a pilot that they are now putting up on Youtube in little chunks? A mini series?

The first one. It's a pilot they've cut up into webisodes, and it seems pretty good so far! Slightly cheesier than BSG itself mind, but in a cool Wing Commander kind of way.

The Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn minisieries was actually alright for what it was, and I was expecting rubbish.

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I'm amazed by how much money seems to have been thrown at this series. It feels like there's more CG and props and extras in the first 10 minutes than a whole series of BSG. So far, so good, and it reminds me just how fucking spectacular the show was at its height. I really ought to go back and watch it all over again.

Exciting times. :D

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