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Memento Is On Ch4 Tonight

Hello Goaty ♥

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No, but the fact that the acting and storyline are simply brilliant, does.

The acting is good, but I wasn't overly impressed with the storyline to be honest. It felt like it was trying to be clever and really forcing the issue, rather than trying to be a good script and film first and foremost.

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It's a bit of a good night for films actually. Touching the Void on Channel 4 @ 9, Mad Max 2 on Channel 5 @ 10 and Memento on Channel 4 @ 11. Can't say better than that for a night of movies really.

Touching the void is great. In fact I'd say it's the best thing I've seen in the last year. Now I won't go within 50 miles of a mountain just in case.

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Once you've watched it get the DVD and, using the Easter Egg, re-watch it in chronological order.

Why, though?

And, doesn't a second watching suck? I think now that I've seen the gimmick, know the ending, it'd be boring, yeah, its a good film, but the script just isn't good enough to make it re-watchable. Having said that, a good narrative would have over-complicated everything, so I think they made the best possible film with the idea that they could.

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Eh? I don't understand that post.

OK, then genius. Explain why we see him in bed with his wife at the end , with a tattoo saying "I've done it" on his chest.


I don't remember that bit... it just seemed to end after he

Click For Spoiler
killed the guy framing people, or whatever you want to call it. And if he had that tattooed on his chest at the end, he would have seen it earlier on in the film. Don't remember that all, sorry
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What I'm saying is is that although the movie appears to tie everything up nicely at the end, there are some pieces of the puzzle that don't quite fit. And so the additional speculatiion at salon and elsewehere is quite interesting. I've only seen it the once myself, aside from catching 10 mins of it the other night. I think I might watch it in chronological order on the DVD.

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It doesn't need it: you can get that from watching the film and paying attention and having a bit of a think. It's a bit rich to dismiss it as being neatly tied up with nothing to think about or justify seeing it again when you've missed what's right in front of you the first time you saw it.

But I agree with your point about external shite, if you were talking about Donnie Darko.

It's not even like memento is the best film ever, I just like the little wrinkles, and some of the alternative readings people have of the film have added to my enjoyment.

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I thought the story that inspired it was 'Memento Mori', written by Christopher Nolan's brother?

It's a ripping yarn, btw. It's actually the only fictional story I've read in teh last 6 years.

Anyway: Memento is tied up perfectly. The only thing that seemingly doesn't make sense is the bit where he's sleeping with that chick from CSI with 'I've done it' written on his chest, which couldn't be possible. The reason it was there was to show that that was how Lenny wanted to feel at the end: that by killing his wifes killer, he'd gotten closure and could relax (the image was symbolic i.e. he and his wife could rest in peace). Yet he couldn't: even after killing the guy responsible, he still burned the photo proof, and started looking for his new John G.

This was by far the best part of the film. The idea that once Lenny knew he'd killed the guy: he still couldn't end his quest. He was killing people because that was the only way he could keep on living.

The film showed how this was a very bad thing: The guys who'd killed his wife had died, Dodd had been beaten up, Jimmy had been killed, Teddy had been killed, and possibly a few other 'John G's had been killed in the meantime, all by Lenny.

So Memento became the only film where it turns out that our blonde-hair-blue-eyed hero is actually a crazy psycho-serial-killer, and that our villian is actually a sympathetic (yet corrupt) cop.

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The guys who'd killed his wife had died, Dodd had been beaten up, Jimmy had been killed, Teddy had been killed, and possibly a few other 'John G's had been killed in the meantime, all by Lenny.


But... Did Lenny kill his own wife? According to Teddy it was HIS wife that had diabetes and not Sammy Jenkis'.

Discuss... It's the one thing that doesn't really add up but all the evidence points to yes.

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