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I just received this today, after hearing Summertime Cowboy on the latest Big Chill compilation. Absolutely love it. Kinda on the Lemon Jelly / Bent vibe. Just been watching the vids on their website and their fantastic as well. Real classic, developed laidback sounds. Sweet. Highly recommended.

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First I heard of these guys was the excellent remix of Summertime Cowboy (by Serge Santiago) on Ewan Pearson's Sci-Fi.Hi-Fi compilation. The album's on a totally different vibe from that shimmering techno on the remix, but its still nice. And if you haven't heard the techno version, its well worth a little download.

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The Ewan Pearson CD's nice. The first five tracks are absolutely lovely and somewhat overshadow the rest, but its still worth a look. Luciano did the follow up compilation and the next one's gonna be mixed by Alex Smoke so that's one to look out for too.

Might as well stick the remix on yousendit as its on the Catskills Sampler CD anyway. Here's the link.

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