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Anyone Seen This Yet?


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edge interview tips

i:make sure the jacket you wear has the collars turned up crockett-style

ii:anecdote.....involving hard-drive and floppy disk

iii:use any excuse to show your GAME loyalty card

iv:waffle about ACE (the sperm of an idea wanked into the condom of potential)

v: feign temporal lobe epilepsy....always hilarious

vi:leave interview, go read edge mag in their local.........but each time someone walks in, ruffle it and tsk loudly in some vain attempt to initiate response

vii:repeat till liver/money dies

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Playing games for a hobby is great....working for a living in the games/magazine industry sucks....having to play games for a living may sound like fun but i'd imagine the pressures and deadlines associated with it will take most of the fun and enjoyment out of it.

the fact is having to work for a living is shit....you spend so much time at work to buy the things you want, but are then left with no time to enjoy them...whats the point ;) ...

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Working with games all day (not in anywhere near a prestigious way as Edge folk of course..) just makes you dismiss the dross quicker and love the good stuff. After 500 lousy PS2 titles a year, Halo 2 will seem like a new Beatles album after listening to Busted for a year.

Well i reckon anyway.

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I wouldn't apply for this job ;) as I like my course. Also I can't hear press conference bullshit and my writing is wonderful but grammar is about as good as Coventry City football club (Crap)

I must say, I have noticed an improvement over the last week or so.

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