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Working through Ultimate Invincible 6 and my god it's just so good. Consistently brilliant comic. Also, I don't think I know an artist that does gore that makes me feel really uncomfortable as Ryan Ottley. Seeing someone's head pulped that way really puts me about.

Invincible just keeps getting better and better

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I have been reading comics for 1 year now. lots lurking in this thread too. Here's my bought/read in 2012 list:

Invincible (Compendium One + Ultimate collection 5,6,7 + TPB 16)

Consistent great read. Easy to get into because you can buy all the issues conveniently and up to date. Are the big two even paying attention?

Batman: Year One

Batwoman: Eulogy

Man I love this J.H. Williams III's art and funky panel layouts blew my mind.

Queen and Country (Definitive edition 1 + 2)

Wanted to check out more of Greg Ruckas work after reading Batwoman, enjoyable enough... but the constant changing of artists annoyed me, writing seemed a bit bland and more suited to the novel series. probably won't buy any more.

Green River Killer

Recommended by just one dude in this thread. More than just a detective story but a really heartfelt son to father tribute. I almost cried, thanks buddy.

Punisher Max (Hardbacks 1 + 2)

Another one recommended in this thread. Excellent book, much smarter writing than expected. dat dark humor.

Orc Stain (TPB 1)

More please Mr. Stoke.

Animal Man (Nu52 vol.1 The Hunt tpb)

Note to self: get Swamp Thing too.

The Flash (Nu52 vol.1 Move Forward)

Waited an extra couple of months for get the hardback. Big disappointment pages aren't oversized, nothing extra inside. This isn't a premium product at all, whats the point? I was expecting something like Invincible ultimate. :(

Hawkeye (issues 1, 2, 4, 5)

I love this but first time buying single issues and I wasn't expecting 6 ad pages in a 20-something page comic. I will buy the trades and pirate it in-between.

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Invincible 99 as good as anticipated although the twitter bigger up cliff hanger was a bit weak. Still the best superhero comic out there.

Yeah i look forward to seeing who interrupts the end page. Cause it's sooo not ending like that :)

I love Invincible such a solid comic.

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Anyone know where I might be able to track down the earlier issues of the new Hawkeye series? Seems to be getting a lot of praise, including within this thread. Fancy giving it a go.

you can probably wander into a comic shop and get all 6 issues, the first 3 or 4 have had multiple printings and the most recent 3 should still be in stock in the owner isn't a complete moron

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I'm totally buying the Hawkeye thing once it's in trade, just on the basis of those awesome covers.

It's funny, I remember when we were chatting about comics a couple of years back and I'd pretty much kicked the habit. Now I'm totally suckered back in again because stuff like Dial H, Journey Into Mystery, Hawkeye, Uncanny X-Force (which just ended, admittedly) and FF have all proved delightfully good.

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So, comic podcasts anyone?

I'm listening to my first Word Balloon right now. The jury is out. Dan Slott (interviewee) is incredibly annoying.

Have you tried War Rocket Ajax? Maybe the Comic vine podcasts? The latter certainly have more of a focus on comics but unfortunately it's mostly the usual Marvel and DC stuff. WRA don't cover too many comic books each week, most of it is taken up by guest interviews which can be pretty interesting. I'd say the WRA guys are the better talkers too.

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I missed out on the Walter Simonson Thor omnibus (it's going for >£90 on ebay when I remember seeing it for £70 on Amazon [although they always fuck up the corners of hardbacks due to ineffective packaging and packages being tossed over fucking gates or something]) but having seen it in the flesh, it looks way too big to read comfortably. Why didn't Marvel split that into two books? :(

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Just bought and read the first two Criminal hardcovers along with Incognito. Brubaker and Phillips are on a roll and can do no wrong at this point in time (even if the second half of Incognito did remind me quite heavily of Sleeper).

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