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Who Wants To Do Stuff On A Halo 2 Website?


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I'll happily write some single player strategies, though ONLY AFTER I'VE COMPLETED MY LEGIT COPY WHICH I WILL PURCHASE ON NOVEMBER 11th.

Good for you.

In the meantime, I'll play a game I have been waiting ages for, and reading about it on Soong's site.

I hope you sleep soundly, Mr Morality.

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Yeah, mine isn't either. I'm not fussed about playing single player early... in French. 4 weeks? I've been waiting 2 years, I can wait another 4 weeks for what I'm really after - Live play!

Ooo, imagine if they fucked that bit up. Argh!

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Seriously, bump this in a month or so or whenever people start making siginificant progress, it could be a great little forum project and I know I'm geeky enough to take insane amounts of pleasure in writing an article comparing all the different weapons and under what circumstances each is most useful.

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Not sure what about at this stage... perhaps a look at Bungie and the development history, blah blah.

Aye, I'd be up for writing something that requires research rather than hands-on experience. If you need credentials (experience and shit - yes, I know it's voluntary, but no need to skimp on quality, eh?) just PM me. I probably don't know everything there is to know about Halo, but I can write a good read aw reckon'.

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Cool :blink: Should be good!

Who can record in-game footage? Krypt says he can do a direct recording from his Xbox to PC or whatever, which is perfect. More of that would be great!

If you have anything you want on the site, email it over.

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Looks pretty ace Soong. How about changing the yellow writing to Blue, to match the Halo 2 logo?

Ha, yeah... I was gonna do that when I got home.

It would be cool to DVD the first big rllmuk Live match up.

And the Bath Halo 2 meet!

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