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Star Wars: Prequel Discussion Thread (aka: wtf were you thinking George?)


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I got up early on the day tickets became available but was shafted by the Victoria Line and ended up getting to my desk later than normal...bastard!

Still, reckon I'll go to Leicester Square for 1pm - the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are doing a couple of performances today and there's loads of other stuff going on (for geeks)...

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I'm having to avoid all press to do with the film now because of spoilers :@

Yesterday I was reading what I thought would be a perfectly innocent "Stars Arrive In Cannes For Premiere" article, only for them to randomly slip a big spoiler (or as big as you can get when you know the rough plot) into the middle without warning.

The following is obviously made up, but it was the equivalent of:

"George Lucas and Natalie Portman arrived together in a big shiny plane. Portman was wearing a nice dress, and has shaved her head. Later they were joined by Samuel L. Jackson, who's character is killed when Yoda succumbs to the dark side and shoves a grenade down his throat."

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Just got back from having a wander around Leicester Square and checking out the Royal Philharmonic.

The highlight for me was the fact that it was introduced by...SIMON BATES! I was hoping he was going to do an 'Our Tune' about Anakin and Padme.

The Stormtroopers were all about 5'6"...Aren't you ALL a little short?

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Pah, I skim read one and thought it said Sarlacc when it actually said Rancor. Curse my short attent- ooh, lemon cake.

Heh heh <_<

yeah, I got 13 due to only reading half of the last question.

In other news: i'm a massive geek.

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