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New Re4 Gameplay Footage


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It looks like it'll play amazingly, I'm not too impressed by the graphics - not saying they aren't good, just that the gameplay seems too exhilarating to notice them.

Thing is, that's probably more than 12 minutes of gameplay, after all it's being played by the creator.

Some of his decisions playing it seemed weird, a downed opponent and he shoots them in the liver? Shoot them in the head you nonce!

Did you also noticed one guy got killed in one shot, seemingly on the shoulder? I also don't like how a headshot isn't final, headshot-kick-shoot them when down could get annoying.

I laughed at the 'check' of the first guy he killed...

'He's not a zombie'

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Guest stickman
Oh definitely, I'd have taken ages going through that same area. And I will, when it comes out.

When is that exactly anyway?

I second this question. Anyone know when the Japanese and US release dates are?

I'm guessing the Euro date is TBC :lol:

I really should get round to playing the other GC Resi's before this shows up...

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