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Rumble Roses

Salsa Party Animal

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It is a wresting game from Konami which I spotted at the-magicbox web site. I suppose Big Lime would be very very interested. So is this Konami answer to Dead or Alive series.





Rumble Roses

Publisher: Konami

Platform: PlayStation 2

Genre: Sports

Origin: Japan

Release: November 2004

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I saw a trailer for this ages ago and it looked very nice (graphically) are you sure its on ps2 and not xbox? I also thought that one of the guys from DOA was involved with it. Maybe I am confusing it with a similar title. Anyone?

Your pics aren't working by the way.

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.::: The press-release (and it's PS2 only I'm afraid).


Gamers Get Down and Dirty in Rumble Roses - Featuring First-Ever Mud Mode in a Wrestling Game

LOS ANGELES - Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Booth #800 - May 12, 2004 - Konami Digital Entertainment - America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today released new information and showcased new gameplay in its highly anticipated all-female wrestling game, Rumble RosesTM. Rumbles Roses is slated to ship in November 2004 for the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system.

"This is the ultimate fantasy for gamers," said Rob Goff, product manager at Konami Digital Entertainment - America. "We're delivering an unparalleled wrestling game experience combined with the most beautiful women ever to appear in a video game."

Wrestling fans will have hands-on experience with the beautiful ladies of Rumble Roses as they dish out the dirt in Mud Mode. Modeled in revealing bikinis, these vicious vixens aren't afraid of getting a little dirty. Delivering realistic mud matches, players will literally see mud sliding off these sexy wrestlers after each take down in the mud pit. Providing an experience not found in any other wrestling game, Mud Mode features jaw-dropping visuals and intense gameplay that plays as good as it looks.

Packing a roster of deadly moves, including traditional suplexes, kicks and elbows, virtual grapplers will also have special moves for each character at their disposal. Rumble Roses' unique combat system allows for characters to humiliate their foes by insulting and taunting them - even placing them in compromising positions. The individual fighting style chosen for the 11 characters will influence each wrestler's "good" or "bad" persona when players choose to fight dirty or fair. With the game's Superstar System, the more popular a character becomes with the virtual audience, the greater the benefits the players will receive, giving them an advantage in the match. Each wrestler will also have a costume change, new moves, different crowd reactions and attitudes depending on their persona, virtually giving players more than 20 ladies to grapple.

A playable version of the game will be on display at Konami's booth during E3 2004.

It does sound more Tecmo than Konami now that I read it again...

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They were really pushing this at TGS with a huge display and a mass of matchingly clad beautiful ladies always at hand. The video footage was clearly heavily inspired by DOAXBV and the game involved a great deal of gratuitous wrestling moves, faces being jammed into crotches etc.

I didn't particularly fancy it though, looked a bit dull really.

- Jools

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Saw the game at E3 in L.A. this year and while not bad concerning the controls methodology, it is very very sexually oriented, I mean you can smell from miles away the "titillating" intentions that the game tries to sell as something fun. Indeed, the Konami stand with the real boxing ring, and of course real half-naked girls, was always full of geeks and young male population screaming and trying to "get in touch" :P .

Definitely worth to check it out, if only for that "other" fun factor... :)

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Ah, it's been a while since we had a game to help reinforce the whole 'gaming is for sad, lonely young boys' stereotype.

And off-topic, does anybody recall seeing G.L.O.W. on Eurosport many years ago? That was real women's wrestling. So bad it was good.

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