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Halo 3 - now coming to Xbox One. MC Collection.


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Uzion, quick question (or for anyone who's nabbed an early copy)

Does the Chief's headlamp have a battery meter ala Halo 1, or does it just switch off after five seconds ala Halo 2?

This will bother me all the way until the 26th unless I find out now.

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how many of them are:

a. in receipt of legit copies and worried about the banhammer?

b. waiting for news on the yaaaaaar?

c. wondering what all the fuss is about?

In my case none of the above. Just whiling away the time before getting the train up to the Arsenal game, plus genuine curiosity on the intitial impact it is having.

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scott blatantly wants it to dissapoint.

no I don't. I want this to be amazing.... and I think it will be.

Overall so far it's been a bit of a poor year for games (in PAL land) with my highlight being a port of a PS2 game with added waggle. The release of Halo 3 begins the onslaught of amazing games between now and Christmas and, as a gamer, I'm PUMPED.

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Another rep's been on the blower to these guys to say no bans. Or maybe it's not ANOTHER rep at all, but THE FIRST REP who's contacted them today! [/Page hits conspiracy theory]

MS confirms to Pro-G that consumers will not be banned for playing Halo 3 before official release.

Playing this will no longer get you banned from Xbox LIVE

Microsoft has backtracked on its original threat to ban the LIVE accounts of gamers who have purchased Halo 3 early following high street retailer Argos' admin error.

Earlier today, a Microsoft rep told Pro-G that gamers who played Halo 3 early would have their LIVE accounts banned. The rep also confirmed that Microsoft was able to ban accounts based on information collected by the console which showed when the game was played.

However, Pro-G has since been contacted by another MS rep, who said the ban only applies to Microsoft employees.

What this means for those of you lucky enough to have taken advantage of the Argos error is that you can start playing the game, if you already weren't, free from retribution.

A full statement from Microsoft on the Halo 3 banning scandal is expected soon

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Amazing scenes. Argos I may have hated you 15 years ago when I worked for you as a saturday job. I may in fact up until today have decribed you as my most hated high street shop as a result.

As of 20 minutes ago when High St Kensington's branch gave me the pre-order I made at 3pm today I forgave them. I am fucking stunned it worked. Not even a lowly show assistant who gave it to me it was the head of customer services... 'hang on i'll check - yep we've got one reserved copy in stock - there you go'.


*for the record though Mr Rutter manager of Norwich Argos is still a cunt though.

About to put disk in shall report back forthwith.

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Fellow Argos shoppers, add me to your friends list (p0b - that's a zero there) and lets get some custom games going and muck around on Forge. I'm tempted to try Matchmaking - there'll probably only be about 50 people on it, but no Americans!

I feel like the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What's his name again?

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