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Burnout 3 10/10


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Wishlist for Burnout 4:

Proper AI (no cheating)

Better handling

Ditch the pathetic EA online crap, and run it on proper LIVE servers (know that won't happen)

Aim soundtrack at people other than 14 year-old skaters

Still, Burnout 3 was definitely worth a 9. One of the best games this gen.

I agree with your statments except handling.

Well the handling is fine but they needed to include the drift system from Outrun 2. It's just divine and i always mess up when i go back to Burnout 3 because the Outrun 2 system just feels right.

i'd say an 8 but a definite 9 if you have a HDTV. Yes it does make it that much more playable.

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Another vote here for BO3 being massively overrated at the time. Seems a lot of people are still loving it, which is cool, but it just seems massively broken to me...

Thanks for saving me the bother of saying what's wrong with Burnout 3. Well done.

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