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Car Boot Sales : 25th-26th September 2004


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Only went to one, total rubbish.

Got a boxed SMS II with 4 games (Inc Rainbow Islands) - £6

Ms Pacman Maze Madness - £5

Point Blank - £3

Turned down...

Boxed and pristine Saturn with wheel and 7 games for £20

Mega CD and Mega Drive with Sonic CD, After Burner 3 and a few others - £50!!!

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I did OK, but it was the hardest day of booting I can remember in a while, seems like the whole world and its friends were out which really surprised me, considering the weather.

Sunday I had a quick look-see at 3 boot sales and over 5 hours - I got the following:


Scope 6 (boxed/complete)

Console (loose) + pads/cables

Striker (boxed/complete)

Star Wars (boxed/complete)

Yoshi’s Island (boxed/complete)

Super R-Type (loose)

NHL 96 (loose)

Crazy Chase (loose)

Super Mario Kart (loose)

- £15 the lot


Console (loose) + 4 pads + official expansion + cables

Banjo Kazooie (loose)

Pokemon Stadium (loose)

Goldeneye (loose)

- £9 the lot


Console (loose – 3 pads but no cables)

South Park Racing (complete)

Rush 2049 (complete)

Rainbow Six (complete)

Re-Volt (complete)

Dino Crisis (complete)

UEFA Striker (complete)

Wild Metal (complete)

AeroWings (complete)

Shadowman (complete)

Resident Evil 2 (complete)

Resident Evil 3 (complete)

Quake 3 (pre-production version)

Shenmue (pre-production version)

Extreme Sports (pre-production version)

UEFA Dream Soccer (pre-production version)

- £12 the lot


Console (loose/tatty) + pad/cables

Super Mario Kart

Super Tennis (loose)

Micro Machines (loose)

- £5 the lot


Jaguar XJ220 (complete/box smashed)

- 20p


Console (boxed/complete)

Sega Rally (complete)

Athlete Kings (complete)

Shinobi X (complete)

- £10 the lot, the local pikeys said to the bloke this was too expensive…


Asterix And Obelix (complete) - £1

Final Fantasy 7 (complete) - £1

Alone In The Dark (complete) - £1

Road Rash Jailbreak (complete) - £1

Mickeys Wild Adventure (complete) - £1.50

Crash 2 (complete) - £1.50

OverBoard! (complete) - £2

Magic The Gathering (complete) - £2

Alundra (complete) - £2

Namco Museum Vol. 3 (complete) - £3

Kula World (loose disc/jewel case) - £3, don’t get too excited – it says “RENTAL ONLY - NOT FOR RESALE” on the disc


Console (loose – looks in awful condition, but just need a clean I hope)

7 boxed games

- £17.50 the lot


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