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Unreal Engine 3 Screenshots

Sigourney Beaver

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Have they made the middle marine look bad on purpose? I don't remember it looking like that. The texture looks way too blocky and what is with all the aliasing.

Malcolm was in UT, not Unreal.

I'm guessing the second one is from either UT2003 or UT2004?

Not that he was in UnrealII either :blink:

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"Right, so the basic idea is your this space marine fighting an evil race hell bent on destroying mankind, and you crash land on their home planet, and you have to fight a guerilla war against the alien mutants from hell with your shotgun and sniper rifle, and the AI is so advanced it's verging on self aware, and our new engine can display play areas 2000% larger and greyer than other games of its type!"

"Sounds good, we'll take it!"

Note: I haven't actually looked at the screenshots yet.

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