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The Best Game Sites


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Sites I use are :

1) http://www.tothegame.com/ (handy release date info)

2) http://www.the-magicbox.com/index.html (good for screenshots of the newest games)

3) http://spong.com/ (good for rumours and news(not always 100% correct though))

4) http://www.penny-arcade.com/ (Yes, I know this is a comic site, but sometimes they give their views on the latest games, for example I found out about Resident Evil online's rubbish non HD load times from them)

5) http://www.insertcredit.com/ (not as up to the minute on news as it could be sometimes, but still really good)

6) http://www.gamefaqs.com/ (good for FAQ's, obviously, but also sometimes their news too)

7) http://www.game-science.com/ (shows weekly game sales in Japan taken from Famitsu)

Some of these sites are better than others for news.

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Way Of The Rodent is brilliant for features. It doesn't concentrate on release dates or MEDIA BLOWOUTS, just well written articles and the occasional review. Lots of funnys too.


Polygon mag, formerly Xengamers was good but I think it's dead now. Eurogamer is OK, and if anyone else suggests that piece of dogshit Penny Arcade they can have a ban request from me.

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IGN.com Good for screenshots and information as they report on practically every game announced. The quality of writing isn't fantastic and the reviews generally poor. Offers a good database of titles.

Gamespot.com Similar to IGN in the sense that as it's one of the bigger gaming sites it has great coverage of titles. Quality of writing is a bit better than IGN. They offer a European site as well at www.gamespot.co.uk.

Gaming-Age.com Probably the closest you'll find to NTSC-UK for Americans in the 'hardcore gamers' sense. The forums reflect this more than the website itself.

The-Magicbox.com Fantastic website for up to the minute news reporting on all the latest news out of Japan. Especially good to catch screenshots of a just-announced title. The Magic Box is also a good place to keep track of software and hardware sales charts.

Eurogamer.net The best PAL-centric gaming site out there and probably the only gaming site I actually visit on a regular basis. Good coverage of most news and well written reviews and previews.

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