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there's a big ad for this in MCV, and I ahve to say that to say it's a sega fan's wet dream would be a bit of an understatement...

There are versions of:

Super monkey ball

virtua fighter



space channel 5

House of the dead

puyu pop fever

Crazy taxi


chu chu rocket

Billy hatcher

Virtua striker.

Super monkey ball! on the PS2! it even looks like it's basically the same game but with a different controller!

And Nights! which I never played but every sad bastard saturn owner went on about how great it is, SO IT BETTER BE or I'll kill you.


There's also a website that doesn't work!!!!


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Why do they keep farting around with NiGHTS? A version locked away in a GBA game and now it's featuring in an Eye Toy game.

If they just re-released the original on PS2 or something it'll sell very well, surely?

I don't even want a sequel! Just the original game with smoother textures and a better framerate would be nice!


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But just imagine controlling a proper nights game with an eye toy!

Yeah, it'd be nice, but (as far as I can tell from that one screenshot, in the MCV ad) it looks as if you'll just be using your arms to steer your on-screen character left and right.

The Crazy Taxi game sounds quite dull.

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Man i need that Puyo Puyo game, that looks better than all of Eye Toy Play combined.

VF has way better recognition than the boxing game.

Oh and Monkeyball just looks weird. How can youi control that? may be a superb experience.

ehhhhhhhhhhhhh NiGHTS!

Both arms down = go, both arms up = stop, left arm up/right arm down = roll left etc.


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hopefully Sega can succeed where Sony failed, and show us that the EyeToy isn't a big useless pile of wank after all.

why is it crap? I still love it, sos do my mates and my family. there is nothing better than a quick boxing or kung fu game.

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